A Happy Ending For Humanity

laitman_629.1The coronavirus deprived us of confidence in the future, it is covered in fog. It is not known what will happen to me and my life tomorrow or in a month, what will happen at work and at home.

How can one live in such an unpredictable world? But this unpredictability is due to the fact that we are trying to approach the new world with old egoistic standards, while it is gradually appearing before us like a mirage in the desert.

It is getting closer and closer, but we still cannot see it correctly because we are still treat each other egoistically. It was as if we were walking along a road and suddenly we entered an unknown city where some strange relations between residents that are incomprehensible to us. What surprises us is what happens there.

And this is what we are seeing now. We do not realize that we have entered a new era and nature requires us to have completely new relations according to the law of love your neighbor as yourself, for the unification of people. And we are perplexed at what they want from us, like little children to whom mother says: “Stop fighting, be good children! Why can’t you play together?”

But I can’t, my nature demands quarreling and fighting all the time; this is the only way I feel that this is life. And no matter how much my mother reproaches me, I do not want to listen, and I run away and climb into the fray again. This is today’s humanity.

But how can one convince oneself to change and heal in a new way? After all, as soon as we build a communication network between us based on mutual bestowal, love, and unity, we will immediately see where we are. We suddenly find ourselves in a completely different world that we had not noticed before.

So children run after each other between adults, not paying attention to them as if they were furniture. Children have their own accounts with each other and adults only interfere with them. And suddenly the children grow up and understand that there is new meaning, new relationships, another program, a great and lofty goal, which is also worth striving for. This is the state we are in today.

This is a very important period, and although it manifested itself in the form of an epidemic, it should not harm us. I think that the coronavirus will radically change humanity.

We all ended up in the same condition, and let’s begin to gradually change ourselves from mutual hatred and competition to mutual communication and support. We will begin to relate to life and our world globally and integrally, as nature teaches us, and in this form this story will come to a happy ending for all of us: ourselves and our children.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 3/12/20

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