Bring The Whole World To Balance

laitman_427.01We exist in a global world where integral laws operate that govern not only our world and our universe, but the entire system of the universe, which includes the five upper worlds. They must be felt, seen, and formed in our perception and worldview. All this is given to us.

If we work incorrectly with this system without taking into account its objectivity, integrality, and interconnection of all its parts, it turns out to be a very bad situation for us. We feel the opposite, a very unpleasant reaction from it.

This so-called “feedback” comes to us at different levels, depending on what distortions we bring to the overall system. We are currently seeing this reaction in the form of the coronavirus.

We cannot say that this is a bad thing because it aligns us, advances us. But on the other hand, it is still unpleasant for us. In fact, for many years we have been at the stage called the last generation where we clearly feel that we live in an integral world. This world should be brought to normal, to a whole, complete system. This work is assigned to man.

Therefore, if we start behaving correctly, we will reveal this system. When we treat it incorrectly, that is, when we do not move toward it by connecting between ourselves and approaching it, and when we do not perceive nature as an integral system, then it automatically reacts to this and there are all sorts of obstacles, as we see them.

But these are not obstacles, on the contrary, they are influences that should direct us differently.
So there is a virus in the world that makes us stay at home and communicate less with each other because there are bad, selfish relationships between us. We have to start behaving differently.

All this is explicitly calculated by nature since we are part of the overall integral picture. We are, as if, placed in a sphere that affects us from all sides. It is this system that identifies the reactions that clearly track what we need to be like in order to get closer to the integrated system. This is how the virus advances us.

I think that in the near future we will feel this more and more, we will become closer to each other and understand each other. We will remove a huge number of unnecessary professions from our world, we will stop treating the Earth as something with a bottomless cellar from which we pull out everything we want.

We will stop treating the atmosphere, water, and oceans as if they are useless parts of nature.

I do not think that we will be able to bring ourselves into proper interaction with the surrounding nature very quickly. Therefore, I would say that we should be prepared for the fact that this condition will continue for the next five or six months.

This will be a very long, serious system of rigid interaction between us and integral nature until we begin to understand that we need to get rid of many professions and occupations, close unnecessary businesses, and take from nature only what is necessary for normal existence and no more.

By our behavior, we disturb the ecology, the dynamic balance of nature, so much that no system can stand it. In general, we must behave in balance with the world around us.

Then everything will calm down and we will really begin to feel through the integral equilibrium world, its upper sphere—the sphere of governance called “the Creator.”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/5/20

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