Seeds Of Exile, Part 5

laitman_747.04Resist Egoism

Question: After the suppression of the Bar Kochba rebellion, the Jews scattered all over the world. Didn’t the great sage Rabbi Akiva know about this?

Answer: Naturally, he knew that this would be so. But one does not interfere with the other. Jews should resist this and try to correct themselves all the time, even though they are in a free fall.

Question: Rabbi Akiva knew that after going into the fourth exile, the people would have to unite and, as a result, build the Third Temple. But he did not know when this would happen. He thought that this would take place immediately, but it took 2,000 years. Was he mistaken about the time? Or is it wrong to interpret these events?

Answer: I do not know. I cannot speak for Rabbi Akiva.

I know only one thing: the spiritual law is such that when you have the opportunity to do something good for connection between people, you must do it. You have no reason to start this process because we are still under the authority of the development of the laws of nature.

Question: So, was there still some possibility?

Answer: Even if it did not exist, we are still obligated to resist the egoism that develops, grows, and controls us. Resist it at any stage and in any condition.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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