Attuning To The Upper

laitman_267.01We are not able to understand the view of the upper who thinks on a different level, and therefore, we do not agree with it. No matter how much I check my conclusions and the conclusions of the upper, I only become more and more convinced that this is unacceptable for me.

The view of the upper seems to be unreasonable to me, detached from reality, a naive fantasy. According to my understanding, it can’t be true.

And after I have checked several times and made sure that there is no way to justify the upper, I stop myself by saying, “Now I am going to accept the opinion of the upper above my mind, even though it contradicts my opinion.” And it is because it is against my understanding that I accept it by faith above reason and rejoice in the opportunity to do so.

And if I can’t accept it, then I ask the upper to give me the strength to do so because I go by faith above reason and accept the opinion of the upper. And it is clear to me that my knowledge remains at the bottom, and the knowledge of the upper is higher, one on top of the other.

That is, I did not replace my previous knowledge, understanding, and perception with the upper’s knowledge, understanding, and perception, like in our world children accept the opinion of adults. In the spiritual, I remain with my own opinion, and in addition to it, I receive the opinion of the upper and work according to it. In this form, I will exist in spiritual reality.

My opinion, verified a thousand times, with which I remained, is called my knowledge. And the opinion of the upper, also verified by me a thousand times, becomes my faith, which is higher than my reason because I take it for the truth, although according to my understanding, it is not real at all.

It is clear that this does not agree with the rational logic of our world, but this is how the spiritual ascent occurs and the perception of the upper world is revealed. Even now we are in the upper reality, so why don’t we feel it? Because we cannot yet replace our attunement with the corresponding spiritual reality, that is, tune our heart and mind to the perception of the higher world.

And even if I don’t understand the upper world yet and I can’t reveal what the Kabbalists are talking about, I should be grateful that I was allowed to at least get close to it and hear about it. I am happy to be among those who are moving toward the entrance to the spiritual world—this in itself is a great privilege and a personal gift from the Creator. Therefore, I am full of gratitude and joy, and bless the upper force for the great mercy to me.

It is very important to develop such an attitude in oneself, a desire to get closer to the Creator, thank Him, and do everything necessary to be able to serve Him in some way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/17/20

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