With A Mask, I Don’t Recognize You!

laitman_627.1Today we have to face a new perspective of reality, a loss of security due to problems in personal relationships and an unknown future. One of the disturbing factors is the use of masks that people all over the world are wearing now to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

However, the mask changes our communication because a person’s facial expressions convey certain information, they are part of human language that helps us understand who is standing in front of us. If the face is covered with a mask, like with a screen, then others feel unsafe, not knowing to whom they are talking. Will this change the nature of relationships between people?

I think the mask is a good thing because it helps us realize that we do not know the person standing in front of us. It is good that we treat a person as if he is something unknown. After all, I really do not know what he wants, what his intentions are, what he thinks about me.

I need to get to know a person, convince him to open his heart to me. It does not matter if I do not see his face, we know that a smile can be artificial. Instead, let him meet me with an open heart so that I can be sure of his good attitude.

If I treat him well and he treats me well, then we will not be afraid of any virus, and we may not need any masks. The coronavirus is playing with us, and it is very cunning. We are yet to discover it at the human degree, see how it plays with us and takes us through different states. Time after time, it attacks someone nearby, pulls us along, drags us into the jungle of human relationships, qualities, and forms of connections.

We will suddenly realize that the coronavirus is not just a genetic mutation but a factor acting on the human level that requires us to change our relationships. To the extent that our relationships are friendly, we can be in communication with each other.

And if our relationships are bad, then we cannot get closer to each other in any form. You cannot even talk from a distance. I will suddenly feel that I hate everyone and they hate me, and if we want to maintain some kind of connection, we have to change ourselves and become closer and friendlier.

If we want to survive in this world, we must change our relationships to good ones. Otherwise, we will not be able to agree, we will not be able to contact each other. It is not just the mask, I will find myself completely deaf to others, and they are deaf to me.

We cannot do any business together. This will be revealed in a special form, and then I will say that this is not a virus, but an educator, a guide for humanity, which makes sure that we rise to another degree of development: the development of hearts and relationships, to begin to live as one person, one family.

Then we will build new businesses, not like before when everyone was trying to make money at the expense of others. We will not have to put a mask on our face, but a screen on our egoistic desires and connect with each other through it.

The anti-egoistic screen the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about does not just block us, it blocks our egoistic desires and bad attitude toward each other. If we correct our desires in order to think about the benefit of others, we will be able to open our desires in this form and connect with each other.

In this way, we build a new, correct field of connections, which is beautiful and kind, and will lead us to new businesses where everyone helps each other and everyone acts only for the benefit of everyone else instead of thinking about his own benefit and success and competing with each other. We will only build relationships that benefit everyone.

The virus will teach us to work in this way. We will find out what is behind the coronavirus, and if not behind this one, then behind the others that will come after it. All this is in order to educate us and make people out of us. People are not the animal degree we exist at now,  but the created beings who are in good relationships with each other above their egoism.

This transformation will occur due to the limitations and unpleasant blows, through which the virus influences us. After all, it must awaken us, otherwise, we will not pay attention to the changes that need to be made. On the other hand, the wisdom of Kabbalah and Kabbalists will help us by telling us how we should change in order to properly organize our life as grown-up, mature people.
From KabTV’s “World,” 3/12/20

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