The Attaining And The Attained

laitman_537The upper light that reaches us contains two discernments: the attaining and the attained. When the Light enters us we feel ourselves and also what we perceive inside us.

I always perceive the Creator by attributes that I create in order to attain Him. This means that I don’t feel the Creator Himself but something that is in the middle between Him and me.

It is just like drinking a cup of coffee and I can say the coffee is bitter, sweet, black, hot or cold. For another person these may be totally different attributes, or they may be the same attributes, but he may call them by different names. He may say, “No, it is not cold, but warm, it is not black, but brown,” etc.

This means that each of us feels the Creator differently, and we can never compare our perception, never! It is just as I cannot share the feeling of my taste with someone else. I can let another taste something, but he will feel it in his own way. He will never feel what I feel.

Our perception is absolutely individual for each and every one of us, and so we say each one has his own Creator. I feel Him in a way that no one else feels Him, according to my internal attributes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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