Anti-Semitic Jews

laitman_628_2Question: Lately, we hear more and more, and you also write that the Jews won’t stop for anything, and they participate in the most anti-Semitic organizations—if they are allowed in there, of course.

In all of this, how can you explain the desire of Jews to be found among anti-Semites? Is it only because of fear and a desire to seek protection there?

Answer: As an example, let’s take a distant and critical time for humanity that led to the appearance of Christianity and the diaspora of the Jews—the destruction of the Jewish nation 2,000 years ago.

Many Jews became lost among the Romans, and even before then, in the period of the Maccabees, many Jews became Hellenists, and that is how it has been until today. If a Jew becomes disconnected from Judaism, he develops a desire to justify himself, to stand out in the new society.

He acquires the characteristics of non-Jews, meaning that a Jew is someone who has connections of mutual bestowal to the system of the upper world. If he loses this connection, then the opposite characteristic, egoism, appears and directs him in every possible way against the members of his former people, because Jews are not a people united by biology, but are an ideologically purposeful group of ethnically diverse people.

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