The Concerns Of The Future Society

laitman_627_1Question: Modern society can feed great numbers of people, but it cannot occupy them. What will it do with them?

Answer: Every individual is important because he contains part of the general soul that has to undergo its correction during many life cycles while here in this world.

Therefore it is forbidden to kill people. Everyone should live according to the time nature has given him and fulfill his destiny during this lifetime.

This will actually be the concern of the future society, which Baal HaSulam speaks about in his article “Peace in the World.” Everyone is special and no one can replace him in correcting his part in the mosaic of the general system of the one soul called Adam.

The future society will spend minimal time on supplying its basic needs, and will provide every individual with everything he needs, whether he works or not, including altruistic integral education for the correction of his soul, that is, the complete unity of all the members of society.

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