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laitman_254_02Comment: Scientists have studied which profession most reduces human lives. For 17 years during 140,000 people were studied.

According to their findings, the groups most at risk included engineers, workers who provide services, clerks, copywriters, and teachers. On the other hand, professions most favorable to people’s health included street cleaners and miners.

Answer: The work of a street cleaner is clear. They are outside everyday breathing fresh air sweeping the streets, and so they are close to nature although they live in the city. Mining is a risky profession, but on the other hand it is below the surface of the earth, away from people and in a different ecological area, so although it is hard work, it is in a different atmosphere, in the virgin atmosphere of the earth. Forest keepers and gardeners are also favorable professions.

Question: Do you believe that the best professions are those that allow people to keep away from other people?

Answer: Yes, of course! But if we begin to correct our mutual relations it will be totally different. If we don’t correct them, you should really keep away from this pack. After all, what makes up human society is incredible.

Question: What do you think is the best and healthiest profession?

Answer: I don’t want to use high language, but my profession as a teacher and an educator is very important. It is a noble profession, although thankless profession.

But I am still very hopeful. I love people even though I am a loner by nature and I cannot establish close relations with people. I have changed a little lately and I think it isn’t only because I have grown older but because I engage in my science.

Today I understand people’s weaknesses and love them with all their weaknesses. I hope I will be able to bring them something good and that they will be able to hear and understand the profound wisdom that is 6,000 years old, and which is the basis of all the corporeal sciences, religions, and philosophies.

I have not lost hope that I will be able to help humanity in some way, to ease the changes that it is about to undergo: climatic and social changes. This is the reason I regard the work of an educator as a very healthy profession. I urge all those who cherish the wisdom of Kabbalah to try and acquire this profession because it is important and special since those who engage in it leave people something.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/15

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