My Thoughts On Twitter 6/12/20

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Every person has a desire that should be corrected to bestow to all people and to the Creator. He must become an active element in the system of the common soul of Adam HaRishon. The small amount of light that he can personally draw from the Creator cannot be drawn by anyone else.

In the general system, everyone has his own part which he has to bring the light that reforms to, and then pass it on to others feeding the whole common soul, similar to the way the cells in the body work. This is his responsibility, because the body lives only on such cells.

A person raises MAN, a prayer, to the Creator, that no one else is able to raise. Draws MAD, the upper light, from the Creator, which no one else can bring down. And through such actions by each soul, there comes the end of correction, the general light that fills the entire soul of Adam.

Mutual hatred and confrontation in society can only be corrected by the power of love, above all differences. All hatred will be covered by love.
Soon the hatred will explode, we will start killing each other, nothing will hold us back.
We must draw the power of love from above, from the Creator.

Love is the highest quality of nature, the quality of the Creator. When it comes and clothes into us, we will see what the real connection between us should be. Everything will be corrected—we just need to want it, not to hide but to constantly strive to reveal the power of love more and more. It will correct everything!

Globalization, as it was understood before the coronavirus, is dead. A global egoistic world is not in the works anymore. It is clear to those who understand that it is possible only after annulling egoism. Or rather, rising above it. Perhaps, because otherwise the problems of humanity cannot be surmounted!
From Twitter, 6/12/20

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