“Spectacles” From Kabbalists

laitman_962.4Question: Usually, to calm the masses, they are given bread and circuses. The government will give bread. What spectacles can Bnei Baruch give to the world?

Answer: We are trying to organize a round-the-clock broadcast of useful programs necessary for humanity in all possible languages. For this, we have certain capacities, people, and all kinds of templates. I hope we can do this.

Every day we prepare all kinds of programs, video clips, songs, and lessons to convey to a person what, in principle, he should know about his life, his purpose, why he lives, what he meets after the death of his animal body, and what to do with his soul, with the spiritual point in it that is eternal, perfect, and does not die with the body. We must tell a person all of this.

We need to help him find contact between himself, his “I,” and his soul so that he does not divide himself into two parts: the body and the soul, but rather, combines them into one “I.” We want every person to have such an opportunity. I hope we can do this. At least we will try.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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