Altruism Of Our World

627.2Question: Ten percent of the world’s people are considered altruists. They care about others and about nature, but with a hidden benefit for themselves. How should we relate to this?

Answer: The hidden benefit for oneself without harming others does not constitute any danger either to a person or to the world around him.

But if you intentionally harm the world and society, this is already serious.

Question: Many people think that one should take an example from the so-called altruists. But are they still considered selfish?

Answer: Selfishness is exploitation of each other. And if a person lives normally in our world, goes to work, raises children, goes on vacation, this is not considered selfishness. Selfishness is the use of others for your own sake.

Comment: It is interesting that we do not feel this. No one considers themselves selfish.

My Response: Therefore, a person must be taught, explained to, given examples, and exercises. Otherwise, nature will not sustain our society, and society will not sustain itself.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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