My Thoughts On Twitter 6/18/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We still do not realize that we are facing the cosmic task of transforming ourselves to suit the new nature, the Creator; we are not merely facing the #virus, which will go away sooner or later. Our first task is to be serious about what is happening. This will lead to changes of our entire life.

I reveal the Creator in the light of importance. Importance is like restriction, screen, and reflected light. I reveal the Creator in my light, in my attitude, in my importance. Therefore this picture does not disappear, but remains constantly—and I can keep adding to it. Because I was the one that created it.

We do not reveal anything in its natural form, since spirituality has no form, and we therefore see it in the form of the importance attached to it. The more I work on revealing the Creator, I get convinced that it is impossible to reveal Him. I develop importance not of revealing the Creator, but the importance of Him by Himself.

If we consent to concealment and care about preserving it, but wish for revelation above it, then we attain faith above reason. Concealment and revelation are necessary so revelation will not destroy the concealment, but they would support one another. Otherwise both will disappear and a person will become a beast.

Concealment is a necessary condition. Nothing can be attained without it. Everything is attained from concealment: “And there was evening, and there was morning—one day.” First there has to be concealment, during which we form a desire, importance, build connection with others, gathering the ten Sefirot together.

Only the essential businesses will remain, providing everyone with what they need to live on, i.e., food and shelter. People will take turns working. All others will study the laws of unity and engage in practical connection—this is the main work of man in this world.
From Twitter, 6/18/20

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