Long-Awaited Baby’s Smile

laitman_565.01All the work is about raising oneself from the level of knowledge to faith above reason. And for this we will have to day-by-day, or rather, night-after-night, fall into the knowledge that is called “night” for us, and rise to the height of faith above knowledge that is called “day.” Indeed, faith is the light of the Creator.

All Kabbalists wrote about this transition from knowledge to faith above knowledge. At all times, they wrote only about this: how to go from the stage of man to the stage of the Creator, or in other words, from the animate stage to the speaking one.

It is difficult for a person to realize this transition. It must be understood that the Creator did not create anything but the egoism within which we are located, and this is called “inside knowledge.” And from this level, we must, through our efforts, request, and prayer to the Creator, rise to the level of faith above reason.

This is what we need to follow: how much are we in knowledge and how much higher is faith in knowledge, how much is the frequency of these transitions from knowledge to faith accelerated. Kabbalists say that in five minutes, 400 such changes of states took place: knowledge — faith is higher than knowledge. It is these changes that form a spiritual perception of reality in us because the Creator created one against the other: below knowledge, inside it, and above it.

As a baby, being born in this world, until he understands his parents, he feels them purely physically and gets used to what they are doing to him as good. So we gradually reveal faith above knowledge, the absolute goodness of the Creator, who organized all the path we have traveled, our entire history, past, and future. Thus, a person gradually sets himself opposite the Creator.

The main thing is to imagine in any state that it came from a higher power, beside which there is nothing. Only the Creator organizes my whole life, my thoughts, my desires, and even my attitude to Him now, no matter how it seems to me that I define it myself. So we correctly process all the states within the knowledge given by the Creator in order to rise above them with our efforts and prayer to faith above reason.

Only this is worth talking about and worrying about, and with this we will fix all problems. There is no greater crime than remaining within knowledge. The Creator throws us there, “kills,” but only so that we rise above knowledge.

This is what we must try to do every moment. It doesn’t matter that we don’t yet feel how the Creator organizes our life, but it is these efforts of ours that are very dear to the Creator, like a parent is pleased with the baby’s smile much more than the smile of a grownup child.

Therefore, while we are in a state of a newborn who is just beginning to respond to the Creator, relate to Him, ask, we already bring the Creator more pleasure than we will bring in the future. So it is arranged in the spiritual where there is a reverse order of lights and Kelim.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/20,  Baal HaSulam, Shamati 225 “Raising Oneself”

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