I Exist Because I Do Not Exist!

Laitman_025.01We exist inside the Creator, who determines our entire sensation of life and existence for us. Even if we praise or curse the Creator, this too is done by Him. Everything is controlled by the Creator, and there is no reality outside of Him. To the extent that I annul myself before the Creator, I build myself and attain my essence.

The Creator made a barrier, a concealment. Therefore, when He is completely hidden from the creation, it seems to me as if I exist. But if I undertake the concealment myself, then in this measure I am able to reveal the upper force and understand that I really do not exist—I am only the shadow of the Creator.

Understanding that there is none else besides the Creator is how a person builds himself. And we see a kind of a paradox that we exist in “None else besides Him.” I exist specifically because I do not exist! My “I,” my egoism, created by the Creator, does not exist. The more I annul my egoism, the more I exist in this self-annulment.

There is no contradiction: by understanding that there is none else besides the Creator, we become great and equal to Him, His partners, in adherence to Him face to face. All of this is due to His creating a concealment and us turning this concealment into Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/18, Preparation for the World Convention

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  1. If i want to recieve for creators sake only then i feel im nothing. And if not then i feel im everything and the creator doesnt exist.

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