The Point In The Heart Is The Trampoline For Leaping To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I don’t take forces from the group, then I will inevitably reach the state of total emptiness where I won’t have any forces to advance (and in general, I have to reach this state). That is, I won’t want to advance an inch closer to spirituality the way it appears to my egoistic desire.

Then I won’t know what to do. Should I leave everything behind and go home? But what will happen to me next? Thus, I find myself in a position like a car in idle, unable to force myself to move forward. But I also can’t move in reverse or make a turn to the side because no matter where I look, 360 degrees all around, I don’t see any way out.

A person can remain in this state for years! It continues until he finally begins to understand that the group is the only means, the source from which he can receive the force to “endure” spirituality. And when he receives this force from the group to tolerate bestowal, as well as the understanding that it’s important to go out to attack and conquer this spiritual state, then he begins to advance.

From here it becomes clear that only the connection with the environment opens up the opportunity for us to take a step forward. It’s similar to a seed in the soil that has to absorb all the salts and minerals from the soil in order to grow. The growth of the soul in this person later on will take place under the influence of the forces he received from the environment.

By himself, he has only a Reshimo (spiritual gene). He lived like a “donkey,” existing on the animate level, and then he attained the “neutral” state (like idle mode) where he did not want to keep advancing anymore. This means that his material, animate Kli has exhausted itself like a grain that decomposed in the soil, and from then on there was nothing more he could do.

That is when it becomes clear whether or not he had a point in the heart because now it becomes the only point that separated from the entire egoistic desire! Now it remains alone and a person does not want to advance forward with it. However, if he now attaches to this point the desires and impressions from the environment, the inspiration from the greatness of the goal, then he will be able to advance with that point. There is no other means.

That is why our entire soul is outside of us; it is in all the forces, thoughts, and values that we receive from the environment. All that remains of us is a tiny point, the only thing we have. This point is the means of connecting between our “donkey” (egoistic matter, desire) and the human in us. It is called “the point in the heart,” the drop of the spiritual seed.

Just like there are intermediate, transitional levels between all the levels: corals between the still and vegetative, the mythological “Kelev Sadeh” which is half plant and half animal, and the monkey between the animate and human degrees, so the point in the heart is the means or trampoline for jumping upwards, from man to the Creator!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/11, Writings of Rabash

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