Practical Kabbalah: How Does One Feel The Upper World? – In The Unity Circle

laitman_942In our world there is a special condition to start feeling the upper world: the creation of a small society, a minimum of ten people, who must constantly try to be mutually interconnected, as a living organism, in full, good, integral connection.

And if we try to establish a structure like this between us, we gradually begin to feel new integral properties within us. But they won’t belong to any one of the ten participants; rather, they will become their common property.

The general desire manifested between us to connect us as a single spiritual person is what we create ourselves; we complement each others’ thoughts that will become our shared mind. As a result, a new spiritual union is created: one common person from all ten.

Each of us experiences it himself, because when we enter into this image, we feel it in our place. We dissolve in it, and together we begin to become a single system, a single sense.

Each one who leaves his egoistic perception of the world through connection, through the integration of everyone into something single, reaches the perception of a new world that doesn’t depend on the previous state.

And in this sense organ we create, we begin to feel a new state of nature called the upper world, the system that manages and influences us with quite different characteristics of the world: not selfish but their opposite.

Everything in our world is constructed according to two opposing characteristics: plus or minus, hot or cold, and so forth. Balance between them creates a state of life, comfort, homeostasis; this is what we aspire to. Balance exists in everything except our inner egoistic desire.

But discovery of the upper world makes it possible to build a new system of equilibrium of our egoistic desires with altruistic ones, without destroying egoism but complementing it. Moreover, the altruistic desires don’t belong to our world because what we consider to be altruism on the physical level is also egoism.

Entering the balance between self-interest and the new system—the system of bestowal, integration, and exiting yourself—in Kabbalah is called “love.” Love is a state in which you fulfill the desires of another without wanting anything for yourself. This is the opposite of the current state of human nature.

The moment that we reach this state, at least once on the minimal level, we can balance the ego, because all these states are graduated; we will immediately feel where we are.

Around us manifest the forces controlling our world. We begin to feel ourselves existing within a complete network of forces, and then it will be clear to us what is happening with us and what must be done. This is our role.

So a person who truly has a serious desire to attain the meaning of life and the system of management of the upper world, immediately, automatically, involuntarily, like a charge in an electrical field, finds himself in one of our groups, and if not, then he finds us through the Internet.

This is a law of nature, because there such a person has a particular negative charge that is looking for a positive point that is appropriate for him, to connect to it and receive from it what is desired. That is how the whole system of nature is organized.

And when he reaches us, we immediately begin to teach him the proper connection with the friends, because the main thing is practical training. During this learning process, a person is connected with those who are like him, creates a shared integral sense organ together with them, and begins to feel the system of management of the upper world in it.

I very much hope that we can do a great thing and discover the true picture of our world, which we need.

After all, while we abide in virtually the source of all problems and find possible solutions, we raise ourselves to a higher level above all the deficiencies of our world and enter into the new system—a system of harmony between us and nature on all levels.
From the Conventions In Odessa, “In The Circle Of Unity,” Day One 10/16/15, Lesson 1

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