Only The Umbrella Of Love Wins The War

laitman_293There are massive protests against racism all over America, but we need to understand that contradictions and clashes between all four races are inevitable until we cover all our differences with love.

There are four types of people according to their place of origin: the white race (European), yellow (Asia), black (natives of Africa), and red (indigenous peoples of America).

This is how people were distributed on the earth until they began to migrate from place to place after the discovery of America by Columbus and other events. These four types correspond to the four levels of desire to enjoy, because from the root stage, Keter, emerge the first, second, third, and fourth stages: Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

Conflicts that appear today between races cannot be resolved by ordinary corporeal means. Right now, before the final correction, more and more problems will be revealed. Europe is also in for big disruptions due to the refugee problem.

Hatred between all will grow and spread to such an extent as the prophets wrote about this time: “A man’s enemies are the people of his own household.” That is, closest relatives will hate each other because egoism grows sharply and does not let people tolerate each other.

Man can no longer tolerate even himself. And all this happens so that we can make corrections. A correction is not making pretty gestures, kneeling and asking for forgiveness. None of this will help, only love that covers all crimes will; this is the only correction.

There is a method that leads to the unity of all people regardless of their skin color; apart from this method nothing will work. We are entering a critical period now: the coronavirus pandemic, increasing hatred between all peoples, and problems in economy and trade. There is no field where we will be able to establish a normal life if we do not use the method of building the correct spiritual connection between us, which will raise us to a new level.

The time has come to rise; therefore, all these problems are revealing themselves now. They reveal the need for a higher level, for the right connection between us is revealed.

Growing unemployment, the growing gaps between rich and poor, children and parents, the coronavirus epidemic, racism, clashes between different types of people, many negative phenomena will appear that can be solved only by one means: “Love will cover all crimes.” We need the upper force that will come and settle all these contradictions. Other than that, nothing will help.

In this dispute, there are no innocent or guilty people. It is the egoistic desire revealed in man that is guilty. If the black had been in place of the white hundreds of years ago, they would have acted no better. Therefore, one should not look into the past, but rather, should strive forward toward a good future, toward connection, toward love that covers all crimes. If we do not do it, then we will conduct endless wars without winners. After all, egoism is our common enemy.

We should not look back searching for the innocent and the guilty, but should only move forward and cover all crimes with love. Love is a mutual connection without any conditions. If we do not strive for such love, then the world is done. We will enter into a period of terrible catastrophes that will teach us the proper attitude toward each other.

We need to look only forward, not backward. There is no reason to delve into the past because we will not find any solution there, and Americans understand this very well. It is impossible to establish harmony between such different peoples living in America: African Americans, Latin Americans, Germans, English, Jews. It is a real Babylon. The only way out is to start learning what are connection and love.

Love means rising above all crimes. Therefore, if there are crimes and mutual hatred, then we have a foundation, a basis, on which love is built.

Love should cover all crimes, and it is good that they exist. The Creator prepared the foundation for us to work, enabling us to build love above it within which we will reveal the real Him, the upper force. So it is of no use lamenting that the Creator created such a world, but it is worth thanking Him for the fact that we can now fill it with love.

The same applies to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine where disputes happen all the time, as is usually the case between neighbors. Although these peoples are so close, it is still impossible to establish good relations.

This may seem paradoxical, but the further humanity advances, becomes more educated, more developed in science and culture, the stronger hatred grows between everyone so as to oblige us to build bonds of love between all. After all, this is what is required of us in the end of correction.

So we live in a world that is getting worse and worse. But this is not because the world itself is falling ever lower. It is the upper light that is increasingly affecting the desire to enjoy that exists in the world, wanting to come closer to the created being. And until the light enters into the desire, their opposition against each other intensifies, which reveals the evil of the egoistic desire.

Therefore, there is no other solution for any interracial or inter-ethnic conflicts. More and more hatred and rejection will be revealed everywhere, and no measures will help until love covers all crimes. And love can appear only from our unity, which we build according to the method of integral education.

America is raging, the European Union is falling apart, but the Creator has His own general plan for correction, which is not revealed to us. We only need to do our work. We do not choose with whom to connect: we need to build connection and common love with those whom the Creator brings to us according to the structure of the common soul of Adam HaRishon.

It does not depend on us in what sequence this happens. When we work on general connection, we gradually reveal how this whole system is assembled in parts. It is not us, it is the Creator who is playing, collecting this puzzle, and we only need to push Him, to demand, and to ask.

It hurts to see the spoiled relations between Ukraine and Russia. And many more other inter-ethnic problems will open up, which will suddenly come up between European countries just as it was in the Middle Ages. We think that we have already formed the European Union, a common market, but this is just a market in which there is no commonality at all. Only the umbrella of love will save us from the third world war.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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