Counting On The Coronavirus

laitman_963.6Comment: The virus pandemic that has spread throughout the Middle East has suddenly connected countries that hated each other.

Israel is helping the Palestinian Authority, and they are happy to accept our help. Iran announced that it is possible to use Israeli medicines, which previously was not the case. It stopped its operations in Syria and Lebanon. Suddenly everything stopped.

The problem of the Middle East, which many tried to solve, but no one could, suddenly now is solved by the coronavirus pandemic. People say: “Look, this is how you can solve the Middle East problem.”

My Response: Of course it can be solved. Give them a little more suffering and they will all want to get rid of it, even if they stop blaming each other and fighting.

A human is a very weak being. He’s just swaggers: “Here I am! I don’t care!” This is because he was told that he would have a future world, that if he kills himself now, he would be met at the doorstep of death by and all the rest. But in fact, if we show him a little more clearly what it is,  he will understand that it is all made up so he would die peacefully.

I think the virus plays a huge positive role here.

Question: How can we make sure to bring peace here and now? And there will be no terrorists, not even any statements?

Answer: Slowly they will get used to it. The virus needs to stay around and continue its educational work.

Question: A person will have it built inside that it is possible to live like this?

Answer: First, habit becomes a second nature, and it will certainly help in this.

Secondly, people will still understand that they need to provide their daily bread for themselves and not just fight. In addition, all the great countries will stop supporting and inciting local terrorists. What’s the point? They themselves will have a lot of problems.

A very serious challenge is coming for America, Europe, and China. A serious wave, I would say a tsunami, is approaching these countries.

Politics will change, regimes will change. People will become different, more mature. They won’t be thinking about having a couple of billion dollars in a bank somewhere in Switzerland and bragging about yachts and other things.

You will see what happens after this virus passes. There will be a huge number of unnecessary, completely harmful professions, all kinds of factories, plants, and international transportation will disappear.

All this will fall aside; there will be a re-evaluation of values. We don’t need 80% of what China does.

Question: Will the crazy billions that were spent on the arms race, on stocks of nuclear and hydrogen weapons, stop? Will there be the understanding that no one needs all this?

Answer: This understanding will come.

What can I have for these warheads? Thus, by threatening, I guard my regime, I guard my borders. What they are for is unclear.

The consumer of everything superfluous disappears. There remains a normal environment that says: “Eat, dress, and work as much as you need to so that you can have that, and that’s it. That’s it! And the rest of the time, begin to understand the nature in which you exist so that there won’t be a difference between life and death.”

Question: In other words, you don’t need to capture anyone. This hatred of others is not necessary. Is that what you mean?

Answer: “See your future world while you are still alive in this world.” You can’t buy this for nothing, no green pieces of paper can buy this. You’ll just have to burn them carefully, so as not to clog the oceans when you dump them there.

Comment: And if we talk about hatred that was burning here, for example, in our country [Israel].

My Response: And it will no longer be, because it is through correcting the hatred between us that everyone finds the most important thing, the upper world.

What is really worth gaining is something that is permanent, special, eternal, and perfect, not something you have to run every day to renew, earn, show off, and suffer from the fact that another person’s grass is greener.

Question: Do you really believe that such a period is approaching?

Answer: Man is an egoist. I speak only on the basis of egoism. If he knows that someone else feels the upper world, acquires things that do not vanish with the person when he dies, but remain with him in this life, in death, and after death—this will change everything.

In this way, we can restore a healthy attitude to the common world—this, the upper, the next—to the common world, to our common state.

Question: Then peace can come to the Earth? And you foresee that this period is approaching?

Answer: Yes. I’m counting on the virus.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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