Using Egoism To Benefit Others

Laitman_177.13How do we survive in the state of quarantine, stress, and loneliness? This blow affected all of humanity, all over the world, striking America, China, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and the northern Scandinavian countries.

It does not matter where you are, everyone has the same problem. And since the whole world is connected by trade and technological relations, the virus instantly spread throughout the world and everyone felt that a global crisis erupted.

This is not the same as it was in the past when some local crises would erupt having others all too happy to profit from it. Today, this will not work. The crisis will be global, absolute, and will affect all people, all countries, all nations.

Therefore, the only thing we can demand from governments is universal education that will teach us that we are a part of the same system, that all the people on Earth are one nation, and that only with mutual support and care can we avoid the blows that are coming to us and are already on the horizon.

Imagine that the coronavirus is followed by epidemics of other dangerous viruses that exist in nature. We are completely unprepared for this. The only way to avoid this danger is to establish good relations between us. This is the only way to destroy all viruses.

It seems to us that this cannot be compared with an antiviral vaccine, but this is the only thing that will work. Let’s try it. We will have to do it anyway: we must connect into one system.

There is no other way to deal with the crisis. Even if we manage to defeat the coronavirus epidemic, what will we do next? We cannot return to our previous lives and begin to restore the same industrial and trading systems around the globe.

We do not have enough physical or emotional strength to do so. People will not want to return to their old entertainment, they will not fill the resorts, cruise ships, or restaurants.

Mankind has experienced a very serious ideological blow. People do not really want to return to their jobs. They understand that they must make a living, but it does not bring the previous level of enthusiasm. The excitement, incentive, and desire to succeed, to win, or to lead is lost. The impact of the coronavirus made us grow wiser.

The whole world will be depressed until it finds the right path. To do so, we need a new education that will correspond to the world about to emerge. We are in a global and integral nature, and we are obliged to change ourselves by adjusting to the same state.

Otherwise, this state will come to us uninvited as bloody as all changes in social paradigm shifts have been, accompanied by wars and revolutions.

Now we have the opportunity to make this transition gently and easily through public consent and national education. And then we will come to a new society, which will not involve world wars or revolutions.

I really hope that people will understand this, listen and agree with it: both young people who want change, and older people who resist change. Change must be in the relations between people. A person must remember that he lives within an integral nature and must be connected with everyone and care for everyone. Then we find ourselves living in a good world.

Otherwise, we will continue to destroy the Earth, which is no longer able to tolerate us and will simply dispose of us. In material terms, we need no more than what the animal body requires. And there is no need to squeeze out of the earth more than we need for our existence as animals. And only in the relations between us should we be people: backing each other up and building a friendly system of ties between us all.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce all artificial businesses that there is no real need for, which only destroy nature. And all people that are free from unnecessary work must be engulfed by an integral education system so that everyone would sit at their desks and learn what kind of connection should be between us if we want to survive on this earth and live happily.

Everyone needs to be provided for at the animal level with all that is necessary for sustenance and support for their families. As for internal fulfillment, we need a properly organized society where education and culture are cultivated. We do not need to deplete natural resources to do so, we will be filled with spiritual gains rather than material ones.

Today we find satisfaction in destroying each other and thereby feeding our pride. We ourselves cut the branch we are sitting on. The globe is no longer able to withstand us. The problem is the bad relationships between people and the poor attitude toward nature. This is what causes the emergence of new viruses.

People can continue to engage in science, culture, music, dance, and sports. But there is a difference between the composer writing music for his own benefit in order to become famous and rise above others, or to the contrary, to give them pleasure with a pure open heart.

For a scientist, it is important why he is developing the science: if he wants to understand the whole universe, then what is wrong with that? He grasps the complexities of the world, transmits this knowledge to others so everyone will understand that they really live in a unique world worth saving. I do not call for destruction of egoism. It should be used to benefit people!
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/15/20

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