Is Humanity A Nuclear Power Plant Or A Bomb?

laitman_276.04Today humanity finds itself in a very interesting state. On one hand, the coronavirus made such huge gaps in our lives that it lacks many things to be perfect. On the other hand, we have never been so close to perfection, as if we are separated from it by a thin partition, like a paper screen.

We feel that the spiritual reality is right in front of us behind a thin wall. We are almost in the spiritual world, and this “almost” is in our hearts. If I connect with the ten, I already find myself in spirituality. It seems to me that the spiritual world is far away, but it is right here – in the place where my ten is. If I fall on the hands of my friends and hand myself over to them, I enter spirituality. I bow before them—I find myself in spirituality.

Thanks to these actions we enter the spiritual world; therefore, the Creator created such conditions in this world. And today we see it through the coronavirus, which pushes us into spirituality. We are afraid that the virus wants to kill us, but it puts the spiritual world in front of us.

It seems to us that the virus keeps us apart, forces us to keep at a distance, but this is not true. The distance is a consequence of our egoism, and the desire to bestow to each other will bring us closer together. If we could connect now for the sake of bestowing, caring for each other, no virus could harm us. We would not have discovered any harmful viruses; on the contrary, the virus would have made us healthier, healing us from all ailments.

The coronavirus reveals the evil of our egoism, which has always existed in our world. It’s just that now it has clearly revealed itself so that we will understand what correction we need to make. Everything depends on our intention. If we gather together and we all hate each other, then we have an atomic bomb between us. If we want to connect, despite all the differences, then between us is no longer a bomb but a nuclear reactor that does not explode but generates good, useful energy for us.

It all depends on how we use the internal energy of the will to receive that is embedded in us. Egoism must exist, without it, we will not feel ourselves. However, the difference is in the way we connect with each other. It is like a nuclear reactor that has radioactive fuel and graphite rods that inhibit the chain reaction. They do not allow elements to collide with each other, they put a screen between them in order for the reflected light to appear; that is, they build the correct connection.

As a result, we receive good energy that we can use. And this is how it happens in all of nature.
Humanity will advance to such an extent that it will need an explanation for every detail of its life. Some of the work each person has to do on their own and about the other part they only need to learn about in order to have an idea of how the whole system works.

Israel belongs to the head of the common soul, and therefore it is responsible for bringing light from the Creator to all the nations who belong to the body of the soul and receive light. However, all nations must understand the principle of the operation, like the driver of a car, who knows how to drive it and has a general idea of how it works, but cannot design and create a new car.

The entirety of humanity is like an atomic reactor and the Bnei Baruch group are graphite rods in it. And if we do our job, we can stop the nuclear explosion that is already being prepared, bringing the world closer to the third and even fourth world war. Let’s hope we can stop this explosion.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/20, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 33 “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and with Haman“

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