Clear Calculation Of Nature

laitman_595.06Question: Was it predetermined who should die from the coronavirus or is it random?

Answer: There are no coincidences. In nature, there is nothing accidental at all, everything is absolutely determined. There is a clear calculation for everything from within nature, starting from its first atom and even earlier, and ending with its final state: a universal return to a single integral system, to which we have not yet arrived.

The whole problem is how we move from the initial state to the final one: either under the influence of nature’s blows, such as the coronavirus, or under the influence of our common aspiration, quickly, easily, correctly, and consciously. This is the only difference. In fact, the final state was determined at the beginning, and there is nothing unexpected in it. This is written in Kabbalah.

We need to make sure that we recognize this program of nature and in each state we take an active part in all its movements.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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