Are We Able To Change The Plans Of Nature?

laitman_600.02Question: Modern science is quickly responding to the emergence of new viruses that threaten humanity. Once a vaccine is developed, the risks will become minimal. The only thing that matters is the speed of the scientists’ work. Does this mean that human intelligence can change the plans of nature?

Answer: Of course not!

Question: Isn’t this a confrontation of man versus nature?

Answer: There is no confrontation with nature and there cannot be. Who are we?! It seems to us that we conquer nature. We can only spoil it with our egoistic qualities.

Question: But isn’t it nature that created us like that?

Answer: It created us like that so that we would correct ourselves and, in our correction, discover a different level of nature.

Remark: First we are in the process of correction and second, no one has announced this to us.

My Comment: Where do you see any correction in humanity? From year to year we are becoming worse: more egoistic, crass, and rude. We distort nature and destroy this small planet we live on.

Remark: But we are created this way by nature.

My Comments: We are created this way in order to realize our worthlessness.

Question: But until we realize this, what can we be held responsible for? When I do realize this?

Answer: And when will you realize it? You push it away from you all the time. You do not want to understand and say, “Yes, this is me and I will be me.” But then the virus comes and starts to bring you to life a little.

Question: Does this mean that there is no conflict between scientists inventing some kind of vaccine and nature constantly sending us viruses and cataclysms?

Answer: No matter how hard we contrive to invent vaccines, nature will still cover them with its blows so that we will realize that vaccines will not save us.
From KabTVs “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality” 3/26/20

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