Saving The Planet: Children For, Parents Against

laitman_738Comment: Children in the Netherlands have organized protests several times, following the example of Greta Thunberg who now is the symbol of the fight for a clean environment, etc. They are skipping school. At that, Dutch parents are very worried because skipping school is not in the rules and culture of this nation.

Nevertheless, the image of Greta excites the whole world and young minds. And here is what a Dutch dad came up with. He told his daughter, “Of course, we will prevent the mass destruction and disappearance of the ecosystem. We will give you, my daughter, a bright future and cool the planet by 4 degrees.

However, you will ride a bicycle to school. Winter is coming, the bus is running on diesel, this worsens the climate. You will ask for an electric bike but it has a lithium battery, which is also bad for the climate.

To get rid of gas production, we will turn off the heaters in your room. It will be cold. But it is good for the climate. For the same reason, you will be taking a cold shower. You will do your washing yourself now, with cold water and on the washing board.

No Internet, TV, or other things that use electricity. And at 11 o’clock, we will turn all electricity off everywhere.

You will no longer go on vacation with us because you cannot reach the places we travel to on your bicycle.

No more meat, poultry, or fish. Only Dutch potatoes, vegetables from the ground, not from the greenhouse. Butter, milk, and eggs are obtained from cows and chickens that emit CO2. This is very bad for the climate. You cannot eat that anymore, either.”

Such a list of restrictions was presented by a father and it convinced his daughter. She agreed, gave up her protests, started going to school and using the benefits of mankind.

My Response: All this is wrong. What does it matter what they do? It is all politics and advertising.

Question: To what do we need to attract children and adults, to really start radical changes?

Answer: Only to relationships with each other! There is nothing we can do to change the climate or the balance of nature except by the relationship between people. We can kill all the cows, stop eating meat and milk, do whatever we want, it will not help us. We can go back to the caves, and it will not be any better.

Question: Will this not lead to the thought that we have done everything, nothing is working, the only thing that remains is to change our relationships?

Answer: But this is the path of suffering. This is what the father did by painting the picture for his daughter of everything that she would be facing: no TV, no Internet, no computer, no heat, no hot bath, nothing.

This is exactly what awaits humanity in the end if we do not create balance in another way, at the next level, at the level of our relationships. It is due to the fact that with our relationships we can change the balance in nature. And if you start trying to prevent the release of CO2 from cows, nothing will happen.

Question: Why do some people, when they hear the idea of connection, get attracted to it, come to the group, and start studying, and others just do not hear it?

Answer: This depends on the person’s inner development.

I also did not hear it, ignored it, and did not get attracted to it at all; I laughed at it inwardly. What is this coming together of people with each other?! What is this pretty kindergarten game?!

Question: And how does this click happen when a person suddenly awakens?

Answer: When a person begins to treat nature correctly, to see it globally and the fact that it is a closed system and that without the correct participation of all of us at the same time, we will not succeed. We will lead to such an imbalance of the entire system of nature that we will simply not be able to continue to exist on mother Earth.

Question: How can humanity, which is busy with its own problems and runs around like a hamster on a wheel, stop and feel this pulsating push?

Answer: Nature will stop us if we do not stop ourselves. There will be such disturbances of nature, against which we can do nothing. The Gulf Stream will freeze, volcanoes will wake up, and so on. And nothing can be done about it.

Also, this little coronavirus that will surface later. Just wait, all kinds of viruses will be defrosted. This is a terrible thing! We are in a state where the Earth has already left its previous balance and is moving to no one knows where.

Question: When will the inner urge in a person to harmony, to balance, take over everything else that occupies him?

Answer: When he realizes that he is facing death, on the one hand. And it will not save him from anything. After all, life continues beyond the threshold of this animalistic death, moreover, in more terrible suffering, in the recognition of evil in such a form that death is salvation.

Question: What will he see beyond this border of animalistic death or the border of the crisis that is now taking place, if he is engaged in this inner urge? Kabbalah?

Answer: He will see the upper harmony of nature, and how he fits into it correctly and exists forever in perfection.

And this world disappears. It will melt away like a fog. It just dissolves along with all its problems.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 2/4/20

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