The Whole World Is A Single System

Laitman_720In the News ( “There haven’t been wolves in Yellowstone Park for 70 years. During this time, the elk dominated the park. They multiplied at an uncontrollable rate and caused great damage to the local vegetation. 14 wolves were brought to the park in 1995 and they forced the rams to choose their pasturing places more carefully. As a result of this, the vegetation began to grow again and within six years five times the number of trees as there had been before have grown.

“The number of berries has increased; ducks, fish, and muskrats (a type of rodent) have appeared in swamps, coves and rivers, and also beavers that needed trees for building dams. The wolves have reduced the population of jackals, something that has bought about an increase in the number of rabbits and mice, and these have attracted hawks, ferrets, and foxes to the park. Bears who came to the park after looking for food drove away the wolves from prey and ate the leftovers.

“But the most amazing thing that happened is that the wolves have changed the flow of the rivers. The banks of the rivers straightened, reducing erosion on the shore; this happened because the influence of the wolves on the elk brought a tremendous growth of trees and grass on the banks of the rivers. The entire geography of the park has been changed because of the 14 wolves that were released less than twenty years ago.”

My Comment: I think that basically we see a small segment of the picture of changes. Consider the number of distortions we have created in the harmony of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah says that we have inserted many more distortions through our egoistic thoughts and activities.

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  1. Yes, the video created on this re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park is actually beautiful and humbling. The true question that comes to mind when one observes and watches is what in the world nature is doing still bothering with “us”. Frankly, although we all hope there is some reason, it is a bit difficult to understand how we aid in system function.

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