“How To Save The World Economy?”

laitman_202_0Opinion (socialeurope.eu): “We are living in the framework of a financial system that provides stability to the American dollar. This can be beneficial if the interests of the world financial system don’t clash with the interests of the economy and financial system of the United States.

“But the American part of the world economy decreased from 50% to below 20%. Under conditions of an absence of income from issuing securities, the world financial system found itself at a loss and economic growth stopped. The crisis is so great that the victory of one of these forces will inevitably annihilate the other. Peace cannot exist here, for conflict can only be ended through collapse of one of the sides, for there are no resources for the livelihood of both. Therefore the struggle will only become stronger and deeper.

“The question is whether the American economy will be saved at the expense of the world financial system or the world economy will be saved at the expense of the United States.”

My Comment: To save humanity should be through unity. The solution is not on a financial level, but through resembling the entire system of nature, with which humanity is in opposition.

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  1. I agree with unity, but there are forces in the world which want to force unity as enslavement rather than cooperation.

    For instance, the United Nations wants to cool down the planet in the midst of our ongoing Ice Age. That’s insanity or psychopathic genocide on a mass scale. It could end up killing 7+ Billion people from the cold directly, the lack of rain from poor evaporation, mass starvation from failed crops, or food wars.

    The Holocene is already 500+ years overdue to end (W.S. Broecker, 1998). If we worked together, we could save 7+ Billion people and thrive despite the coming cold; or we could find inspiration and end the current Ice Age, turning Earth into a garden.

    Converting self-concern into unconditional love is our only hope, but it helps to be wise about the mechanics of things like the climate.

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