Before And After Coronavirus

Laitman_631.1Question: Do we bring correction to the world through our study and connection?

Answer: Yes. We bring a positive component to the world because we talk about its unification, about the fact that people should be connected through good connections.

Of course, this gives the world a certain positive direction, some kind of correction, but this is not enough. For the egoistic world, our relatively altruistic component is undoubtedly too small to correct the direction of the world’s movement.

Frankly speaking, I hope that now, when we are returning to our previous conditions and forms of governance, restore enterprises, and so on, we will still come across how limited we are and how we should behave differently.

Question: After coming out of self-isolation, will people understand that the world is different and accept it through their changes?

Answer: I think we will come to a certain inner state in which we will evaluate each state: pre- and post-coronavirus. We will compare them and think about how we could do things differently. Even if people have nothing to do with us but hear our calls, they will still perceive reality in this way.

Question: Where is this turning point of people? Do they need to accumulate suffering so that at some point there will be an inversion and the explosive growth of those who are ready to support us will begin?

Answer: Yes, on one hand, it will happen from the accumulation of suffering and dissatisfaction.

However, on the other hand, also from the fact that we will begin to understand that we need to go a different way to see a better state ahead than the previous one.

Therefore, there may be a relative absence of all kinds of blows, but instead there will be a clear vision of a good future. I think that now when we are returning to the past, we nevertheless will want to correct it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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