Transformation On A Universal Scale

Laitman_630.2How can an ordinary person who had a job, career, earnings, and a prospect for the future until March 2020, now accept that all this is already in the past and that life is taking a completely different direction? He does not want to agree with this. He is not yet ready for this picture, and therefore, we need to learn to live in a new way.

We have no other choice, because it will be so, this change has already begun to clothe itself into our world more and more, and we have to explain it, discuss it in all the media. If we do not accept these changes now, then we will still be forced to do this, only in much more severe, critical conditions because this process is continuing on its own.

We are all different, and many are not able to accept changes at such a speed, and therefore, there are many conflicts. We must teach everyone to relate to each other with love and understanding. We are faced with a common, national and global problem. We can say that this is not even a world problem, but a global revolution on a universal scale.

The human race has reached its greatest development today and is undergoing a transformation that history has not yet known. So far this is only the first stage. From this material life, which man began thousands of years ago in pursuit of a mammoth, we move on to a new life—collective and social. The connection between people will determine the new organization of society.

We need to learn this new life, as well as study our old life to understand why it led us to this line. This is not an accident, but the laws of nature that determine development and affect us; it does not depend on us. However, how to accept this state in order to suffer less  depends on us, depends on if we are aware of what is happening and if will work together hand in hand with nature.

Then we will come to the good life that is prepared for us. After all, nature leads us to all that is good, only not according to our usual notions of well-being as wealth and power, but to a quiet life in the material sphere and a life full of meaning, content, and filling in a spiritual, inner form.

Everyone will benefit from this. And besides, we must understand that nature is stronger than us and will lead us through this process anyway. So let’s not resist, but let’s go along with nature.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/14/20

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