The Entrance To A New Life Is Open

laitman_961.2The coronavirus has turned our lives around 180 degrees, but it is precisely thanks to it that we are learning to look at life correctly. The meaning of life is not running from morning till evening, spinning different businesses and not in striving to satisfy all our egoistic desires and inclinations. I do not advocate asceticism but getting fulfillment is possible if, together with it, we attain the essence of life and its purpose, and this is the main thing for us. Therefore, the attitude to life should be such that, first of all, we want to discover where it is leading us.

How is it possible to break away from the negativity during the pandemic and look positively on life? I think that humanity is facing a very positive and promising perspective if a person understands what nature has prepared for him.

And vice versa, if we are not in agreement with nature, we will suffer. And nature will teach us how to relate to life correctly anyway. We have reached maturity and are now entering a new period of life as adults.

Could the fear of life, the unknown, be a positive perspective? But I don’t think we should be afraid because we are in the position of children who have grown up and have to get professions now and build our lives as grown up people.

Man (gever) comes from the word “overcoming” – “hitgabrut” because a man overcomes all difficulties and problems and builds his life: he has to get married, build a house, give birth to children, and provide them with every necessary thing.

This is how we should relate to this period of life so that the main thing would not be the desire to get rich, open different businesses, and fly around the world. All this is possible, but the main thing is for us to see what we are doing it for.

We must know how to attain the essence of life, its goal, which is to build a new, corrected humanity, ourselves on the globe. And not in the old form when we were playing like children, competing with each other, but to take ourselves and our lives seriously in order to perceive them as an entrance to another perfect and eternal life, filled with meaning.

Humanity has grown and must behave in an adult manner; the coronavirus demands such behavior from us. We must relate to it as a call to take our lives more seriously. Today, the purpose of life for us is to get pleasure. And tomorrow, we will discover a new purpose in life that consists of making this life eternal. This is what nature demands from us.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 3/12/20

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