Enslaved Without Even Knowing It

laitman_600.04Remark: Today, man has more freedom than slaves in America in the nineteenth century or serfs under serfdom.

My Reply: This is not freedom! By the way, a slave was not enslaved more than we are today. He felt that he belonged to his master, which meant that he had no worries.

He knew that his master would feed him, make sure he had a place to sleep, make sure that he was healthy, that he had a family, and so on. That is, the master was taking care of the slave, and there was a certain agreement between them.

The fact is that there were special agreements on the status of slaves determining how the owner should look after them, provide medical treatment, and so on. Slaves were not people without any rights. In addition, a slave was quite expensive, so, the owner took care of his assets.

Today, in contrast, everything is quite different. You get fired, you are lost. There are 100 more people at the gate to replace you. No one owes you anything because the owner only thinks about how to get rid of you and not pay anything.

Question: Do you think that in terms of valuing freedom, there has not been a breakthrough in human relationships for the past century and a half?

Answer: The breakthrough is in the fact that today a person is enslaved and used in such a way that he does not even know that he is a slave.

Question: Slavery means a prohibition on moving from place to place, not being able to take care of your family, it is violence and absence of justice. How can the condition of slaves in the nineteenth century be compared to that of the modern working man?

Answer: I do not see much difference. Anyway, you do not move according to your own will but according to the commands of television advertising. You do not choose your profession by yourself but under the influence of what was instilled in you in your childhood. There is no freedom in this. Talk to good psychologists and you will see that that is the case.

Of course, there are relative freedoms, but they are as if you took a pill and do not feel your lack of freedom. And you are even proud of it: “Look, we visited this place. Look, we saw that. Look, we were there.” Why were you there? Yes, it is because others go there. In everything without exception, we follow our flock mentality, and therefore, we have no freedom.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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