Two Forces Arising From One

laitman_562.02Question: There are two forces in nature. One of them is the force of bestowal, which develops us and builds integrated systems. The other is the force of rejection, which differentiates everything, and thanks to it there is diversity in nature. This is the force of receiving, absorbing oneself.

But Kabbalah says that there is only one force: “There is none else besides Him.” How do these two forces combine with it?

Answer: In the universe, there is one single force that directs all nature to unity, which is the goal of its development. But coming to this unity consists of lots of various movements, sometimes opposite to each other when it seems to us that they all are directed not toward unity and complementation, but in completely opposite directions. This is because we do not see the general picture of nature.

Remark: However, these two forces manifest themselves in our world. For example, in Chinese philosophy, it is yin and yang. In the Abrahamic religions, these are the forces of good and evil, which are already manifested at the level of society. And in co-evolution, this is natural selection. That is, they are present everywhere.

My Comment: Yes. But complementing each other, they still lead everything to a single integrated system.

Nature is constantly striving for a balance of these forces. But the fact is that both forces manifest in a person as the property of bestowal and the property of receiving and are absolutely unequal. The property of receiving is close to us, familiar, and desirable, but we are completely insensitive to the property of bestowal. Indeed, in order to give, everyone must feel the neighbor, but we do not feel the other.

Therefore, nature, created a feeling of only ourselves in us, of our “I”,  and seemed to have torn off the other half from us, a concern for what is outside of me. Therefore, I cannot come to balance using my natural qualities. On the contrary, the more I develop selfishly with only one force to receive, acquire, and seize, the more my participation in nature is defective.

Question: Does the unity of nature lie in the unity of opposites?

Answer: Yes. We will have to come to a state where we clearly realize that we are composed of two opposite properties and they must be balanced in the so-called middle line of our behavior.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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