Two Forces, Emanating From The Creator

laitman_595.01Question: There are two forces: the power of reception and the power of bestowal, evil and good. If everything is the Creator, then who is the one that perceives these two forces?

Answer: The person develops in his natural property, which we call egoism. The Creator gives it to us. He created us with this property. So it is said: “I created egoism.”

Now we must turn this property into the opposite, into bestowal and love. Where does the property of altruism come from? It also comes from the Creator. Egoism develops in us even if we do not ask the Creator for it, but altruism develops in us only if we insist on it.

Our job is, over egoism, which the Creator constantly develops in us, to constantly ask Him through the group for Him to balance egoism with altruism. We will then walk as if on two legs, understanding and feeling the whole universe, all the worlds beyond time, space, and motion.

Thus, both forces come from the Creator. One of them is the power of the Creator, the power of bestowal and love. And the second, generated by Him from nothing, is the egoistic power.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/7/19

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