The Coronavirus Is Rebuilding Our Lives

273.02Is it possible to arrive at correction while avoiding the ten Egyptian plagues? After all, nature has already engaged us by sending us the coronavirus, and naturally, we’re in for many more challenges.

The coronavirus has already made us give up all contrived engagements. Now that the quarantine is lifted, we will see that most businesses that were not essential will not be reinstated.

The whole industry will shrink because there will no longer be the former demand for fuel and electricity. The first priority will be to provide everyone with the necessities of life, that is, food and shelter. Everything will be more modest, there will be no need to carry exotic fruits from other parts of the world since you can grow everything you need locally, in greenhouses. The world will take a new form.

Most of the people will be engaged in study and will work on connection. Working on connection will become our main focus, and everything else will be directed solely into providing all the necessities for those building that connection: food, clothing, education, channels of communication. Everything will revolve around connection.

We can already see how much a single virus has reshaped our lives. The coronavirus carries with it a tremendous amount of information about how we should organize our lives.

This will take another year or two, as in all transitional processes when at first there are sharp shifts in their amplitude, and then the fluctuations gradually diminish as the process stabilizes.

Therefore, I hope that there are no wars or big problems awaiting us. People will begin to change internally even without it. Tiny viruses that can’t even be seen have already made a major impact on us. Every day there are positive changes that occur inside a person.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 6/14/20, “The Obligation to Disseminate the Wisdom of Kabbalah to Many”

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