Examining Nature’s Laws

720Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Now it is vitally important for us to examine nature’s laws, to know what it demands of us, lest it would mercilessly punish us. We have said that nature obligates humankind to lead a social life, and this is simple. But we need to examine the laws that nature obliges us to observe in that respect, meaning with respect to the social life.

In general examination, we find that there are only two laws to follow in society. These can be called 1) “reception” and 2) “bestowal.” This means that each member must, by nature, receive his needs from society and must benefit society through his work for its well-being. And if one breaks one of these two laws, he will be mercilessly punished.

Question: How can a person build this balance within himself?

Answer: We need to look at the things that happen in nature.

Nature is a closed, integral, global system. On one hand, we are its highest part. On the other hand, we are the wisest part, which has freewill.

We do not act only according to our instincts; rather, we change ourselves, the environment around us, and thus, we ourselves are changing. We can educate ourselves.

After all, we are not only animals, but also created beings above the animals. We need to take this into account and try to act in a way that is good for us and for our children.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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