Nature’s Cruel Reaction

laitman_962.1Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: … we find the opportunity to examine the conditions of life in the last generation—the time of world peace, when the whole of humanity achieves the level of the first side and will use their singularity only in the form of bestowal upon others, and not at all in the form of reception for self. And it is good to copy here the above-mentioned form of life so it will serve to us as a lesson and as a role model to settle our minds under the flood of the waves of our lives. Perhaps it is worthwhile and possible in our generation, too, to experiment in resembling this above form of life.”

Question: What exactly can we do in our life practically in order to switch to bestowal, which we imagine very vaguely?

Answer: The fact is that in a truly correct, closed ecological environment nothing is used without a purpose but only for the sake of what is necessary for existence. And everything else is passed on for the benefit of the system.

This is a dynamic equilibrium in which if one excludes man, the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels of nature automatically exist. As soon as we humans cease to come into contact with them, a balance immediately sets in between all parts of nature. The wolves are full and the sheep are whole. Everything calms down.

There is a place for everything in nature. The problem is only in man, or rather, in his egoism, when in addition to the desire necessary for existence, he begins to use nature and supposedly rule over it: break, bend, and crush all for himself.

We must understand the principle of the integrality of nature, its harmony, its interconnection. And if we do not advance toward this in a good way, nature begins to slowly resist us. And then when we are already violating certain states of nature, it makes a sharp move because it can not allow us to do so.

Its reaction manifests itself in the form of various problems such as explosions, hurricanes, tsunamis, technical disasters, and the coronavirus. In addition, nature has an infinite number of different negative reactions to man, precisely because he creates them himself, he evokes them.

I hope that the coronavirus will seriously straighten us out. We will begin to understand how we should act and what we should do with nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/5/20

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