Toward The New Relationship

737.01Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”: This is what our sages said, “Let all your actions be for the Creator,” that is, Dvekut with the Creator. Do not do anything that does not promote this goal of Dvekut. This means that all your actions will be to bestow and to benefit your fellow person. At that time, you will achieve equivalence of form with the Creator—as all His actions are to bestow and to benefit others, so you, all your actions will be only to bestow and to benefit others. This is the complete Dvekut.

And we could ask about it, “How can one’s every action be to benefit others? After all, one must work to sustain oneself and one’s family.”

Question: We are saying that unnecessary economic sectors, unnecessary occupations, and the excess that we produce will soon disappear. How can a person grasp this situation? Where can he apply himself if his profession becomes unnecessary?

Answer: Nature consists of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. What is the difference between human and animal nature? After all, according to the structure of our body, we are certainly animals with the small addition that we must create a certain society and conditions for ourselves.

We cannot live only in our “skin”; we have to dress. We cannot eat ready-made products of nature, we must somehow process them, cook them. We are ill and must be treated with all sorts of medications. In other words, although man is more developed than the animal species closest to him, at the same time, to this extent and even more, he is flawed.

If we look at how animals behave, they have a very large social circle. We just do not fully understand their environment.

A person does not communicate with their own kind. He is only concerned with his own interests, for example, football and similar things, in general, anything but improving their relationships.

Animals, both young and adults, devote most of their time to the development of their relationships, games, etc. And this is very much missed by people because they go to any area, just not to encounter each other.

As we do not scrutinize and do not get closer to each other over our bad relationships, we suffer. After all, in principle, we do not perform what nature considers necessary.

More than a hundred percent of the time allotted to us in life, we spend on completely unnecessary things. For example, every day we spend 10 hours at work, and in nature, for example, two to three hours are programmed.

But then what do I do the rest of the time? Animals devote this time to their relationships. They rest together, lie in the sun, wander along paths, sit in the trees. What are we doing? We do not devote time to so-called leisure, although it is not leisure, but the clarification of relationships with nature and with each other, and therefore our condition is deplorable.

We need to think carefully and decide how we will live when this complex, global, and integral virus recedes and gives us the opportunity to get closer to each other in a new way.

Nature is integral, it does nothing in vain, everything in it is provided for. Therefore, everything that is happening now is intended to clarify the further interaction of all its parts.

It is moving only toward even greater interaction. It turns out that we should pay attention to our mismatches and how we can lead to more correct, better relationships. I hope that humanity will be ready for this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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