Will Man Become The Crown Of Nature?

709Question: How did it happen that the king of nature is able, due to illusory ideas, to destroy not only outsiders but even himself? How does this fit with high ideals, culture, art, moral principles, and mighty intellect?

Answer: We need to understand that we are made like that. It is simply amazing how nature has created us, on the one hand, seemingly reasonable, and on the other hand, endowed with such egoism, which cannot be reckoned with.

If you take any beast and put a bowl of food in front of it, it will feel whether it is good or bad for him. If you put a bowl of delicious food in front of a person, he will eat it even if it is bad for him.

This problem is in all our feelings. On the one hand, we desire, and on the other hand, we do not understand what we desire. That is, we cannot control our desires. They command us.

In animals, instinct commands. Good or bad is just an instinct. There are no attachments, no love, no hatred, no pleasant or unpleasant, but only good or bad that are recorded in their genes. In us, it is not so.

Question: Does this mean that man is the crown of nature, but only in potential?

Answer: A person will become the crown of nature only after we go through the realization of evil and the completion of his correction.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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