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My Thoughts On Twitter 8/10/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If the government is unable to think about the future properly, then society has to realize on its own that our work will be reduced to necessities and will transpire more via communication means. The same for children’s and student’s studies.
It’s a shame to waste energy and resources on the attempt to bring back the past.

People are still demanding the jobs that they lost due to the coronavirus. They are still confident that everything will return to the way it used to be. They believe that the government is able to arrange and compensate everything. No one is telling them that the past won’t come back. Many more people will lose their jobs.

What kind of people will be valuable in the future?—Those who benefit the society and teach unity.

All attempts to return to the old life will not end in success. On the contrary, we’re going to suffer blows with every attempt to turn back time. These blows will teach us and us point to a new direction: to be closer to nature, meaning to achieve integral unity.

The childhood period is over in which nature raised us with soft spankings like small children. It’s time now to realize what we must do. Only through the unification of hearts will man be able to unite with nature and feel in this connection a new life.
Herein lies the true revolution!

We’re living in a new era, and the old one won’t be coming back. It is therefore pointless to sit and pine for the old life, like an old man crying over memories of his young self. That time is gone! We have been kicked out of the previous state, and the door was shut behind us. There is no going back.

We’re going to have to discard all fabricated systems: companies, #banks, industry, #commerce, #education—and transition to a new system. We have grown sufficiently so as to now consciously transition into a new state of “bestowal,” taking the reins into our own hands.

Conflicts will continue to flare up in order to bring us to a single solution: love will cover all crimes. Every person will need to make room a bit to give enough space for everyone else. That is how we will create a common space between us, a circle made out of our mutual concessions, which will have enough space for the Creator and for everyone!

The Creator is the amalgamation of all qualities that I correctly organize into a single image, resulting in the Creator’s revelation! We must take care that there’s a place for everyone. If we destroy the birds, crops will perish. #Nature is set up in a way so that its various forces, combined together in the right way, create perfection!

How long must we suffer before coming to the realization that we can only change our lives by changing our attitudes and making them good? Nature will keep pressuring us until we realize this! Nature will not allow us to get used to the current existence. After all, we humans are the only harmful element in it!

The blows suffered from the #coronavirus will ultimately force all humanity to submit and settle down, realizing that this is the handiwork of the upper force that will not allow us to do what we want: neither the right nor the left. We’re going to have to submit to the influence of the third force: the Creator.
From Twitter, 8/10/20

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The First Step To Form The Creator

laitman_622.01I am not canceling my opinion, but I want to build an area where all desires can exist, all intentions that belong to everyone. I am not canceling anyone; they all came from above. The Creator wants everyone, from fascists to socialists and communists, all types of people, characters and styles of behavior, created by the Creator.

I am not canceling any of them or myself; I only look for how we can connect. Indeed, in our union we reach a common higher root.

In oneself, one must abolish only hatred for everyone, develop an understanding and feeling of others, and the desire to recognize them and give them a place next to oneself, since by our correct unification we point to our highest root: one, unique, and unified.

This root is the same for everyone. And it is the one and only, because it is from this point that so many different properties emerge.

According to my egoism, I would like to cancel everyone. But I understand that this is not correct. Selfishness is called “help made against me,” that is, it helps me understand that I must go against it. In my egoism, I hate others because they are not like me, but I must understand that this desire to hate my neighbor gives rise to the desire to bestow in me.

Looking at the other person and hating him, I understand that if I make a little room and give him a place to exist in my heart, then by doing this I will perform an action similar to the Creator. Thus, the Creator moved aside, hid Himself, and provided us with a place for existence.

Nullifying your egoism is the first step in forming the Creator. I cancel a part of myself in order to make room for others, my opponents, opposite opinions, and by doing so I make room in me. First, I want to take over the whole world and rule myself. But then I make a cut and give space to others. We make mutual concessions, them and me.

Only in this form can I build something true, correct. After all, all opinions “for” and “against” come from the highest root, and by making room for them, I provide a place for the disclosure of the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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Life Is A Balance Of Good And Evil

laitman_232.06Opposition parties and trends want to destroy their opponents, but they do not understand that they cannot exist without each other. One should not destroy the other, but rather connect correctly in order to create, by mutual concessions, a place for a third force, which is common to both of them for the Creator.

By my willingness to make room for someone else, I force the Creator to reveal Himself.

This is the only way to achieve pluralism. These are not just beautiful words, rather this must come from the understanding that this is how nature works, and we will not survive otherwise. Everyone is obliged to give place to other opposing currents, respect the opinions of others, and not against one’s will, but out of the awareness that this is how the world is built.

We will never be able to destroy the opposite point of view because by destroying the enemy, we are destroying ourselves as a result. I must take care that the enemy exists because in this form he helps me uncover my opinion.

All of nature exists on the opposition of plus and minus, creating life in all possible forms. Therefore, I must be ready to accept everyone, from the most left to the most right, from opponents to allies, because this is a consequence of the development of human society. All I need to know is how to make the right mosaic out of all these forms in order to see the true humanity in it.

In this form, it comes from the side of nature, which creates all sorts of qualities within it, from which we can know the creation and learn how to exist well and happily. Otherwise, we will fight continuously, like little children. We do not live; instead we are just busy trying to hurt each other.

I have no right to think about destroying any current; after all, I am not the Creator. This desire is a sign of corruption, disagreement with the Creator’s program.

There is room for everyone, but only if we do not destroy each other. This means that even the angel of death turns into a holy angel. He does not cease to be the angel of death, but with his help, the holy angel rises and the two exist against each other.

If one current destroys the other, then it itself has no basis for existence. Therefore, it must make sure that there are opponents. One cannot be without the other.

The world is based on a balance of good and evil, and good people exist because there are bad people. It cannot be otherwise. Both exist in order to create a place for the revelation of the Creator—the source of both of them.

If we descend from the human level to the biological level, we will see that our body has many systems designed to destroy cells and purify the body because without this the body cannot exist. Life is an interweaving of good and evil. The body is a dynamic system that maintains balance all the time, and this is called life. As soon as the balance is disturbed, the body dies.

Anything in the world exists to maintain its opposite. Initially, there cannot be just one side but one can be more noticeable. All systems already exist, and there is room for everything, only some can be revealed to us more and others less, according to our nature. Our task is to balance all these systems, and their final balance will mean the end of correction.

At the end of correction, all evil and all good are revealed, and we see that what seemed to us as evil was actually good. This is when we reach perfection.

The coronavirus and other problems awaiting us will lead to such an explosion of hatred that humanity will begin to destroy itself. Therefore, we need to convey to people that in our society, in the environment, in the system of Adam HaRishon in which we exist, there is nothing superfluous that can be destroyed and removed from the world. We just need to organize the correct mutual connection between all the opposite parts.

This makes everyone wiser. One understands the other, the opposite opinion, and realizes that it is impossible without it because they support each other.

Imagine that all the 150 countries that exist in the world suddenly realized that they need each other: They all need Russia, America, China, Japan, Europe, and Africa. Then how the world would have changed, how much would it have saved in resources, money, and the costs of weapons and the military.

We will soon see that without implementing this principle, the world is simply rolling into an abyss. We will find ourselves increasingly dependent on each other, but we will not be able to unite.

Everyone should understand that any phenomenon has a place in the world. All the opposite movements and forces need each other and must treat each other well because the upper nature obliges us to this.

Therefore, it is necessary not to destroy and eliminate the enemy, but rather to exist together against each other. It is in the correct opposition that the possibility of existing at the upper degree is revealed to us. In fact, this is why the opposite forces are revealed in order to oblige us to rise to the next degree.

There again the opposing forces will be revealed, which, if we treat them correctly, will raise us even a degree higher—to their cause. Thus, we will rise until we discover that the cause of everything is the Creator, for whom good and evil mutually support each other, and there is no good without evil and no evil without good. In general, good and evil disappear, and everything merges in the Creator.

We all have different opinions, and we do not change our opinions to someone else’s, like two people sitting in the same car and arguing which way to go. We cannot find a solution this way. The only solution is to reveal the Creator through mutual concessions, and He will already show us further direction. This direction is not the one indicated by one of us or the other, but the one that is generalizing all our opinions.

This is why the Creator is called generalization. He will lead us in His direction where all our opposites are connected into one whole, where there is no opposition and everyone is equal, everyone is good and is in love and unity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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Black And White And Everything In Between

laitman_207Who is my opponent? Didn’t the Creator create him, doesn’t his power come from above? By acknowledging his right to exist, I acknowledge the Creator. All my work is to reveal the Creator through adhesion with Him. But the Creator is a collection of all aspirations, desires, qualities, which I organize correctly, collecting the image of the Creator in this mosaic.

The Creator has no image and form besides the one that I will collect from all the details that He created and provided to me. Therefore, just to destroy any phenomenon in the world is the greatest crime.

Let’s detach ourselves from our emotions and judge objectively: How can all the forces in the world, which, of course, come from the Creator, be combined into one system called Adam, human? Of course, all forces must be included in this system from the most negative to the most positive ones, from the left to the right, from black to white, all the minuses and pluses, and everything in between, like in our body.

If we do not fall under the influence of our emotions and we think reasonably, then it will become clear that there is a place for everything. This is the answer to the question of how to solve today’s problem in the world when some people hate others. After all, we see what unrest is taking place in America and Israel where the opposing sides want to destroy each other, erase each other from this world, without leaving even memories.

And this is very bad. We must take care for everyone to have a place. Neither one nor the other can exist without such pluralism. If you shoot wolves, the sheep will also die of disease. If the flies would be sent to destruction, the harvests would be ruined. It’s forbidden to do this. Nature is organized in such a way that although different forces are opposed to each other, they create a place for perfection with their correct combination.

Perfection is the result of the right connection between everyone. There is no good without evil, and evil exists only to reveal good. And we need to build the same relationships between people in human society.

The upper force entrusts us to explain this to the whole world; this is why it brought us to this organization, supports us, and gives us strength. We just need to try to understand it better and better every day in order to match this process and the upper program more and more.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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“If I Don’t Take Over, No One Will Take Over” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “If I Don’t Take Over, No One Will Take Over

Imagine yourself out on the street in the middle of a protest. On the road are the demonstrators, protesting against this or that injustice. Across from them are the police, representatives of the hated government. In a street corner near the protestors are the “others,” those who side with the government, who feel that the protest has no merit. The air is thick with hatred; the tension is about to snap. Neither side will concede, neither will compromise; it is either me and my view or no one and no view. If I don’t take over, no one will take over.

At times, the hatred is more overt, at times more covert, but it is growing, bubbling under the surface. We cannot tame the hatred, but we can learn how to work with it, how to funnel it constructively. Today, it’s at a boiling point; if we don’t learn to channel it soon, it will erupt and destroy everything in its path.

This is where we stand today. At times, the hatred is more overt, at times more covert, but it is growing, bubbling under the surface. We cannot tame the hatred, but we can learn how to work with it, how to funnel it constructively. Today, it’s at a boiling point; if we don’t learn to channel it soon, it will erupt and destroy everything in its path.

There has always been hatred because there have always been opposite sides. Our fatal mistake has been that we have tried to demolish the other party instead of uniting over the disparities. We didn’t realize that destroying the other party meant destroying ourselves. We didn’t notice that everything in reality has its opposite because we can only discern and define anything against its backdrop, its opposite. For this reason, whenever we waged war against our opposite, we either lost the war and perished, or won the war and perished still because we didn’t have an opposite, so we, too, could not exist.

The only way we can exist is if we maintain balance with our other side. Unless we make room for all views in existence, there will be no room for any view.

The purpose of the contradicting views is not to determine who is right. They all come from the same source, from human nature, so how can one have merit if it denies the merit of the other one?

The benefit of having opposite views is that the conflict between them forces both parties to search for their cause, and then they realize their common root. Only then can they unite.

And when they do, they find that this is how all of reality works, and in that, they find the unity that pervades all of nature. And that discovery of unity is the reason for the initial oppositeness and hatred.

New Life 1259 – A World Without Money

New Life 1259 – A World Without Money
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

If money loses its value, nature itself will pay for any labor that contributes to society with emotional coins. The coins of nature are eternal coins of the soul. The soul is the internal effort that a person invests for the sake of society. Beyond fulfillment of the needs of physical existence, a person has a desire to develop the soul through a relationship with society and with nature. Nature keeps a record of how much each citizen gave and what he received. Later, a higher pay will be revealed and a person will want to give more.

Social property will be valuable to a person and he will maintain it to merit belonging to the eternal nature. It is impossible to cover up and lie to nature. According to the honesty of your heart, ahead for us is life in paradise!
From KabTV’s “New Life 1259 – A World Without Money,” 7/1/20

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Disconnection Of Communities, Part 6

laitman_571.01An Idea that Covers all Contradictions

Question: What is the highest idea that can leave the communist, the ultra-orthodox, and the reformist in their opinion, and at the same time, unite them?

Answer: We must understand that we have completely different roots because we are originally from the 70 nations of Ancient Babylon, which became the basis of the modern nations.

If we understand that we are all different and the roots of the nations of the world can’t be removed from us, as they are the natural force of life and lie somewhere inside each of us, then all we have left is what the wisdom of Kabbalah says: to rise above these roots in a mutual aspiration toward a new base, where we will remain in connection, love, and mutual respect for each other that we have created.

Therefore, the connection that we are restoring between us must prevail over our disconnection.

That is, on the one hand, we will always be in contradiction and in a natural distance from each other, coming from our animal roots, like those who came from the 70 nations of Ancient Babylon.

On the other hand, we must unite our efforts over these contradictions in order to build a new base. And then the two levels will coexist: one—natural, animal, and the second—artificially created by us, spiritual. One will cover the other, as stated: “Love will cover all transgressions.”

For more on this topic, read my books Like a Bundle of Reeds: why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour, and The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.

From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/12/19

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My Environment Today Is Me Tomorrow

laitman_600.01Question: It is said that my environment today is me tomorrow. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Of course. We see how the environment affects us.

Man is born an utterly small, helpless, wild animal. Gradually, under the influence of parents, and then of a wider circle, he goes through educational institutions, school, the street, neighborhood, and so on.

He watches a lot of programs on television, on the computer, and eventually becomes the way we see him in society. If he did not receive this influence from the environment, he would not be fit to live in our world at all.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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Kabbalah And The Relationship Between A Man And A Woman

laitman_532Question: When a man and a woman form a couple, does their fate become joined or are they initially on different sides of the barricades?

Answer: There are no accidents. You don’t choose anything, including your partner. Everything is preordained. The only choice there is: take a step forward or wait for all sorts of circumstances to push you.

Question: If a woman has a difficult relationship with a man, can Kabbalah help her? Does she still have a choice?

Answer: You will see that something can be changed: either the man, the circumstances, or yourself. But this will become clear later.

Question: It turns out that by studying Kabbalah, a woman can understand this?

Answer: Sure. Kabbalistic knowledge changes her, and thus she feels that she is beginning to move closer or further from her partner more and more. Then the decision is born by itself.

Question: This decision is born by itself because it already exists? It just surfaces?

Answer: Absolutely correct!

Comment: To understand it, to accept it, and to live it is both simple and difficult.

My Response: But it’s interesting.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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