The First Step To Form The Creator

laitman_622.01I am not canceling my opinion, but I want to build an area where all desires can exist, all intentions that belong to everyone. I am not canceling anyone; they all came from above. The Creator wants everyone, from fascists to socialists and communists, all types of people, characters and styles of behavior, created by the Creator.

I am not canceling any of them or myself; I only look for how we can connect. Indeed, in our union we reach a common higher root.

In oneself, one must abolish only hatred for everyone, develop an understanding and feeling of others, and the desire to recognize them and give them a place next to oneself, since by our correct unification we point to our highest root: one, unique, and unified.

This root is the same for everyone. And it is the one and only, because it is from this point that so many different properties emerge.

According to my egoism, I would like to cancel everyone. But I understand that this is not correct. Selfishness is called “help made against me,” that is, it helps me understand that I must go against it. In my egoism, I hate others because they are not like me, but I must understand that this desire to hate my neighbor gives rise to the desire to bestow in me.

Looking at the other person and hating him, I understand that if I make a little room and give him a place to exist in my heart, then by doing this I will perform an action similar to the Creator. Thus, the Creator moved aside, hid Himself, and provided us with a place for existence.

Nullifying your egoism is the first step in forming the Creator. I cancel a part of myself in order to make room for others, my opponents, opposite opinions, and by doing so I make room in me. First, I want to take over the whole world and rule myself. But then I make a cut and give space to others. We make mutual concessions, them and me.

Only in this form can I build something true, correct. After all, all opinions “for” and “against” come from the highest root, and by making room for them, I provide a place for the disclosure of the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/20, Love Covers All Transgressions

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