My Thoughts On Twitter 8/10/20

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If the government is unable to think about the future properly, then society has to realize on its own that our work will be reduced to necessities and will transpire more via communication means. The same for children’s and student’s studies.
It’s a shame to waste energy and resources on the attempt to bring back the past.

People are still demanding the jobs that they lost due to the coronavirus. They are still confident that everything will return to the way it used to be. They believe that the government is able to arrange and compensate everything. No one is telling them that the past won’t come back. Many more people will lose their jobs.

What kind of people will be valuable in the future?—Those who benefit the society and teach unity.

All attempts to return to the old life will not end in success. On the contrary, we’re going to suffer blows with every attempt to turn back time. These blows will teach us and us point to a new direction: to be closer to nature, meaning to achieve integral unity.

The childhood period is over in which nature raised us with soft spankings like small children. It’s time now to realize what we must do. Only through the unification of hearts will man be able to unite with nature and feel in this connection a new life.
Herein lies the true revolution!

We’re living in a new era, and the old one won’t be coming back. It is therefore pointless to sit and pine for the old life, like an old man crying over memories of his young self. That time is gone! We have been kicked out of the previous state, and the door was shut behind us. There is no going back.

We’re going to have to discard all fabricated systems: companies, #banks, industry, #commerce, #education—and transition to a new system. We have grown sufficiently so as to now consciously transition into a new state of “bestowal,” taking the reins into our own hands.

Conflicts will continue to flare up in order to bring us to a single solution: love will cover all crimes. Every person will need to make room a bit to give enough space for everyone else. That is how we will create a common space between us, a circle made out of our mutual concessions, which will have enough space for the Creator and for everyone!

The Creator is the amalgamation of all qualities that I correctly organize into a single image, resulting in the Creator’s revelation! We must take care that there’s a place for everyone. If we destroy the birds, crops will perish. #Nature is set up in a way so that its various forces, combined together in the right way, create perfection!

How long must we suffer before coming to the realization that we can only change our lives by changing our attitudes and making them good? Nature will keep pressuring us until we realize this! Nature will not allow us to get used to the current existence. After all, we humans are the only harmful element in it!

The blows suffered from the #coronavirus will ultimately force all humanity to submit and settle down, realizing that this is the handiwork of the upper force that will not allow us to do what we want: neither the right nor the left. We’re going to have to submit to the influence of the third force: the Creator.
From Twitter, 8/10/20

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