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The Virus Should Have Appeared

273.02Question: In what situations should a person follow the majority and in which the opinion of one person?

Answer: I don’t think that in our time when the mass media have great power, there are such concepts as the majority and the minority. After all, those who have the media in their hands, they practically have the future of society and humanity. Those in power have long understood this, and all this is at their mercy.

But the fact is that, on the one hand, this is what a person in our world wants to hold in his hands. On the other hand, the world still moves according to its own system.

Therefore, upon exiting the coronavirus, we will see that nature will not allow us to restore past production, past commodity-money relations. They have to change. Man is still changing, he will not strive for the past state, no matter how much the rich and those in power want it.

Question: Do you still hope for a change due to some external factors?

Answer: Maybe these are not external factors, but they already exist in society.

Comment: Indeed, when the coronavirus appeared, no one could have assumed that such changes would occur in society.

My Response: Yes. We can scold China or someone else who, in our opinion, was the cause of the virus, but this is not the point. The real reason is higher than our nature, higher than what we know. This virus had to appear as humanity brought itself into a crisis.

Question: Do you think it is correct to use public opinion polls for decision making?

Answer: In general, yes. At least they talk about how correct or not the processing of public consciousness is and how much public consciousness, after everything that happens to society and what it is stuffed with, comes to the right decision. So this data is very important. Whether they are correct or not is another question.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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Female Commander

566.02Comment: During the pandemic, studies were conducted and found that countries led by women were more successful in fighting the pandemic than those led by men.

My Response: I talk about it all the time. Men are about appearance. And the woman takes full responsibility. Just as a woman rules everything at home, so our whole world is our home. Therefore, there must be a female majordomo.

Comment: Psychologists at Stanford University said that a female politician should belong to the “chameleon” type, skillfully combining male and female political qualities.

My Response: That’s all she has. Look at how a woman commands the house, what order she has at home. Leave your husband alone for a week—and then she’ll be cleaning the apartment for a month. This is clear to everyone.

Question: So it’s not news to you that women are running the country?

Answer: This is a fact for me! This is given to us by nature. The house is named after the woman, not the man. Therefore, we must make women the managers of countries and men the executors of these duties. In short, you need a strong, reliable, good, smart, wise female hand. That’s all. The world doesn’t need anything else. We’ll go fishing and play dominoes. 🙂

Question: Will a woman stop war? Will this stop hatred?

Answer: Sure. And internal wars, both in the state and between states. We are turning over in our time. We are entering a very different era in which a woman can command. And we see the world turning over. It is necessary to give women the opportunity to manage. And this is very good! The less men meddle with their inventions, children’s games, the better.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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“A Spark Of Light When Life No Longer Makes Sense” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Spark of Light When Life No Longer Makes Sense

Stress, fear, loneliness and economic hardship are exacerbated by Covid-19. How will those feelings increase the risk for higher suicide rates is still a subject of study, but mental health organizations already see signs of a potential increase of the so-called “deaths of despair,” including drug overdose and suicide. Society cannot bury its head in the sand any longer. It needs to prepare for what lies ahead and organize the conditions to support those in need through care, warmth, and mutual responsibility.

Boundless satisfaction cannot be achieved by any one of us alone. It can be achieved only through a good connection with others, and this creates the necessary “field” where the eternal source of fulfillment can be revealed.

After six months of the pandemic, we thought the virus’ behavior and impact had already been sorted out. However, the global plague keeps surprising the scientific community with new mutations, and new symptoms and side effects. Until a cure is discovered, uncertainty will continue to reign and more difficult times can be expected.

As many as 75,000 more Americans could be added to the death toll of the pandemic, not due to natural causes but because they decided to end their own lives, according to an analysis by a national public health group. Suicide rates in the United States have risen by 35 percent overall since the year 2000, according to official data. Historically, economic distress — particularly deep recessions like the one experienced in 2008 — have almost doubled the number of people who cut their lives short out of hopelessness. We have entered a new stage in humanity, a new era in which we must be connected to each other through positive reciprocal bonds, where everyone in society acts toward others like a loving mother embracing her dear child.

Suicide is the worst decision a person can take. A desperate person reaches this most extreme resolution in order to escape the pain. In the minds of those who commit such extreme acts, life becomes a burden worth getting rid of, an ordeal without satisfaction. By doing so, they disregard the pain they inflict on their family and friends and manifest complete unwillingness to accept the conditions granted by life.

They seemingly run out of strength to demand what they consider they are entitled to have in life, whatever it is. Instead of involving others to help work on finding solutions together, the suicidal person retreats into his own self-absorbed thoughts and whirlwind of emotions.

While suicide appears to be the most personal of decisions, we carry a collective responsibility as a society for failing to create the necessary conditions for people to live healthy and happy lives. Such conditions would prevent people from reaching the ultimate state of despair, anguish and pain that takes them to the point where they feel life no longer makes sense.

We must create mechanisms of mutual responsibility to guarantee that each person’s most basic needs are met in order to be sure that each person has the essentials necessary for dignified existence.

The Light after the Darkness

One should always be aware that whatever torments arise, they are given for our personal advancement, for the purpose of correcting our egoistic nature of self-gratification above any other consideration. Such low states of depression awaken the deepest point hidden within each of us, a spark aimed at a higher level of existence where the dark void is filled.

As foremost Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) writes, “In every person, even in the secular, there is an unknown spark that demands unification with God. When it sometimes awakens, it awakens one to know God, or deny God, which is one and the same. If someone generates the satisfaction of this desire in that person, he will agree to everything.” (The Solution)

Boundless satisfaction cannot be achieved by any one of us alone. It can be achieved only through a good connection with others, and this creates the necessary “field” where the eternal source of fulfillment can be revealed.

What is the right approach to helping someone in despair? We should not overwhelm them with exaggerated sympathy or patronize them. We simply need to express care, listen, be next to them, show them that they are not alone and they can count on their friends and family.

We need to share with someone in despair the thought that there is light after the darkness. In the same way, every gloomy state is the preparation for a better reality, the perception of a new, positive state, since there is no filling without a lack. That new state of feeling that we are understood, protected, and embraced is waiting and will give us renewed passion for life and expand our horizons toward a meaningful life filled with meaning and purpose, joy and abundance.

“If You Want To Love, Prepare For Hatred” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “If You Want to Love, Prepare for Hatred

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war) said the Latin author Vegetius. Likewise, if you want love, prepare for hatred.

The movies show love as a constant flow of warmth, care, and affection between people. But the movies are wrong. Before every positive emotion there is preceded a negative one, which triggers the onset of the positive. Just as night precedes the day, hate precedes love. The only exception to that is a mother’s love, but that’s because the mother perceives her baby as part of herself. But with any other person, to develop real emotions, we must constantly shift between hate and love in different manifestations and varying intensities.

It turns out that the fact that I have been made privy to my hatred toward this or that person allows me to discover who I am and what I have inside. In fact, I should be grateful to that person.

In fact, this is the principle that sets all of creation into motion. The heat waves and cold spells, the floods and the droughts, the hate and the love, all these are alternating displays of hate and love.

There is a purpose behind them: Their growing intensity, especially when it’s on the negative side, prompts us to look for their source. Why is there so much hatred? Why is nature so cruel? Why am I never satisfied with what I have? Why is there no peace? Why am I afraid? When you try to answer those questions, you find that they come from the same invisible source, and that source is nature, or simply, reality.

Every single mineral, plant, animal, or person, thought, desire, or word is created by nature. Now, if nature is the source of everything, then everything is part of nature, part of the whole. And just as there are days and nights, there are people I hate and people I love. So just as there wouldn’t be days if there were no nights, there wouldn’t be people I love if there wouldn’t be people I hate. In fact, I wouldn’t be able define what I love, what I hate, who I am, and who I am not were it not for all those things that I regard as negative. It turns out that I, with my limited vision, see them as negative, but they are not; they are opposite from me so that I will be able to learn about myself and nature. Were it not for them, I would be clueless about my whole existence.

It turns out that the fact that I have been made privy to my hatred toward this or that person allows me to discover who I am and what I have inside. In fact, I should be grateful to that person. The wisest of all men, King Solomon, called this concept, “Love covers all crimes” (Prov. 10:12), where the crime is hatred and love covers the hatred once we discover that our hated object is actually a gift we have been given. At that moment, alienation dissolves and love and gratitude emerge.

“If You Imagine The Psychological State Of All Humanity As An Individual, How Would You Diagnose Humanity At The Moment? Is It Becoming More Or Less Sane Or Is It Remaining Fairly Stable?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: If you imagine the psychological state of all humanity as an individual, how would you diagnose humanity at the moment? Is it becoming more or less sane or is it remaining fairly stable?

Humanity is currently living under the rule of its egoistic nature, i.e., a nature that makes each person prioritize self-benefit over benefiting other people, society and the ecology.

Moreover, humans are the only part of nature under egoistic control. The rest of nature—from still matter through plant and animal life—is bonded integrally by altruistic ties.

The human ego cuts us off from the sensation of nature’s altruistic quality, making us disagree with thinking and wanting to benefit the system we exist in. In other words, contrary to the way cells and organs act to only receive what they need for their survival, and give all surplus for the benefit of the whole organism that they exist in, we think and want solely with “What will I get out of it?” at the basis of our every calculation, which leads us to even act detrimentally toward others in the name of personal gain.

Nature has implanted this egoistic modus operandi into us so that we would eventually realize how it leads us to an impasse, and desire to change our egoistic nature.

Therefore, a diagnosis of humanity at its current state of development is that it is nearing such a revelation. At the moment, our egos make us increasingly destructive to each other and to our planet, and we also witness how nature becomes increasingly intolerant of our opposite mode of behavior. In other words, we head deeper and deeper into a crisis, but we have yet to reach such a depth where we will simply raise our hands and wish for the right kind of change.

The coronavirus pandemic is a prime example of how nature reacts to our rampant unabated egoism today. With the coronavirus, nature has forced us to become more cautious with each other, i.e., with the social distancing conditions implemented globally. If we fail to upgrade our attitudes to each other according to our own will, then nature sends us situations to do so against our will.

However, I still see that we fail to draw the correct conclusions from this situation we are now in. We have reached no understanding of the deeper causes behind the virus, and avoid responsibility on our behalf for its spread. We merely await its end so that we can let our egos loose on the world once again, and remain blind to how nature will send us much more difficult states the more we neglect self-transformation.

Until we reach the conclusion that our egoistic nature needs changing, we will continue trying to exploit nature by all possible means, failing to foresee the next smack nature will deliver us to once again hint at how the way we are headed is incorrect.

I thus hope that we will wake up to this change sooner rather than later, out of our own awareness, through learning how nature works, how we function within nature, and by exercising how we can accelerate this fateful change with our own efforts to invert our egoistic nature to an altruistic nature in balance with nature.

When we eventually make that change, we will experience a completely new world of harmony, happiness, peace and tranquility, and will look back at our current state as a depraved one: the last throes of death of an egoistic paradigm before our greatest ever transformation.

New Life 1160 – The Perfect Law

New Life 1160 – The Perfect Law
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The perfect law of nature connects us into a single system. While the human ego separates us, the opposing force in nature based on the principles “you shall love your friend as yourself” and “love covers all transgressions” unites us. Our entire good future depends upon the degree to which we identify with this force of love. In order to attain unity and mutual love, we need a new education system based on the wisdom of Kabbalah. It teaches the fundamental principles according to which nature operates and how to connect above differences. Oneness over the differences will bring unlimited intelligent and emotional power, happiness, and perpetuity for all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1160 – The Perfect Law,” 9/19/19

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We Will Not Fly Anywhere

746.01Question: The theory of the space program is gaining more and more influence. Scientists claim that the Earth needs to be unloaded from industry, which affects the climate of the planet.

Ideally, by the end of the century, we should take the entire polluting industry out into space. The earth must be turned into an ecological paradise, an extremely comfortable safe zone. Sooner or later, people will work in space, and the planet should become a place for life and recreation. The earth is a pearl whose glitter must be preserved, and not destroyed.

Do you agree with this theory?

Answer: When we stay here and transfer everything into space, then there will be hell here, not heaven. I do not believe and have never believed in the initial good in man. So if we do not correct the person, then it will not help us to transfer anything anywhere.

And if we correct man, there will be no need to take anything anywhere. We can quietly do what is necessary here: industry, education, upbringing, and so that everyone would be happy.

The main thing is not to rush anywhere! We want to run away so that we do not really need to decide anything. The biggest problem is people.

Every problem must be solved in such a way that everyone is happy! Not some specific person or at someone’s behest, but everyone. Until we reach such a consensus, there is nothing we can do either in space or on earth. We need to be busy only with this.

Question: Do you think that a person can believe in this reality, that the last man on earth would feel good? That humanity can live like this? Looking currently at humanity, how can people reach this?

Answer: It is precisely through the awareness of evil. Because through the awareness of evil, we will get to the need to correct the world, to correct ourselves. Therefore, simultaneously with the revelation of evil, it is necessary to show that it is evil, and how we can still get rid of it, what good should be. I think we are heading for this. I am an optimist.

Question: That is, evil is that I do not want to help others, I do not love anyone, and I am only concerned with myself?

Answer: Yes. This is our personal egoism.

Question: It overwhelms me, and I want to get rid of it; is this what I need to get to?

Answer: No, not just get rid of it, I must see that it harms me! Otherwise, how will I get rid of it? I see that it is to my detriment, and only then I decide that I have no other choice, and I must get rid of egoism.

There should be the awareness of evil, and then correspondingly the awareness of good. That is, a man will see that there is a positive force in nature. When I feel very bad, I will see it. I will start asking, “What am I supposed to do?”

Question: What should I do to build heaven on earth?

Answer: To build heaven on earth, you need to build a man. Not in space, but on Earth. Build it clearly.

It is necessary to give man a clear guideline—what it means to be a human being. We have no other choice, we are obliged to achieve the correct, kind attitude toward each other. In this, I would like to emphasize, our only assistant is our egoism. It points out where we need to correct it. Not to destroy, but to build a good relationship above it.

Here we must solve all this among ourselves and create a system of correct education. Nothing can be done without raising a new man. Whether we want it or not, it does not depend on us, but on the amount of suffering that we will feel.

We are currently entering a period of suffering that will force us to want to correct ourselves. And in Kabbalah, instructions are given on how to do this. So I hope that we are present at the birth of a new humanity, and we can still even see it.

Comment: That is, we will not leave the Earth, nor will we transfer anything from here.

My Response: No. These are some kind of ridiculous ideas. This is not what can be done with our technology and our internal parameters.

Question: Are we tied to the Earth as if with an umbilical cord?

Answer: Of course. A man will not fly anywhere without answering his own question about what he is and what he should be. The entire cosmos is only given so that we understand that here, on Earth, we must make all our corrections.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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Do We Form Our Environment?

laitman_423.01Question: Society affects us totally. Firstly, it promotes unrestrained consumption, and the individual has no freedom of choice. He just has to keep buying.

Secondly, public opinion affects people’s minds. For example, there were experiments where people were given cheap wine but were told that it was expensive, costing several hundred dollars, and they enjoyed it.

Do you agree with the statement that first we form our environment, and then it forms us?

Answer: The question is, are we shaping our environment? After all, there are many other factors around, such as family, friends, society, and time. Everything without exception pushes a person to some certain choice.

However, in general, if there is free choice, it is only in the choice of the environment. Therefore, we need to educate people so they understand how to use this choice.

Question: In our life, everything is determined by the scale of values accepted by society. These values, in turn, are determined by our desires.

What is the way to change social values if it all depends on desire and desire depends on nature and the time period in which we live?

Answer: I can nevertheless choose a certain society, a group in which I will develop, and it will be very different from other groups.

For example, there are people who acquire a certain profession and work on themselves according to a certain program, but they are all very different from each other. After all, society consists of many fractal mini-societies sometimes completely unrelated to each other.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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Managing Stress, Part 2

laitman_538In the World of Disturbances

Comment: Scientists believe that today’s life is full of stressful situations. A person rushes to work and drops off children to daycare on the way. Because of this, they may be late for work, which leads to conflicts, they may be fired, and so on. However, only 100 to 200 years ago, such things did not exist.

My Response: We can define stress that a person experiences as a force of huge external pressure.

We live in a world of disturbances that press on a person every second. Besides, our life is very artificial. Previously, a person understood in a natural way where he was and what was happening around him. He had a home and family, worked in the fields, in the garden, and so on.

Today, however, he is surrounded by such a huge field of completely different sources of pressure that cause him not just a lack of understanding of the situation, but a reaction to it in the form of stress.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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