Choosing What I Like

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I be sure that I will eventually succeed? Are there any guarantees?

Answer: This is called “faith in the sages.” But the one thing you can really trust is the Light of confidence that shines for a person to the extent that he reaches the attribute of bestowal. He doesn’t have it yet because the only means to attain it is through the incorporation in the environment.

Choosing What I Like
I have nothing but the environment; I can be part of an environment that prefers corporeal values, and I can be part of an environment that prefers spiritual development, through bestowal. There are two alternatives: the path of receiving or the path of bestowal. There are two forces operating in nature, and we can prefer one or the other: either to bestow in order to receive or to receive in order to bestow, either one. This is how this world operates. Everything is very simple and is determined by the environment that we choose.

But if I have already chosen an environment, that is a teacher and friends, a path, and a goal, I have to feel that it is what I want. I shouldn’t force myself. If I have a point in the heart and if I feel that this path is for me, I join the environment.

But after joining it I have to be incorporated in it with all my heart and soul. I cannot be in an environment that is totally plus (+) while I am totally minus (-). I will be thrown out of it. The Light that Reforms will influence me and I will be thrown out after a year, two years, or even five years; it makes no difference. We see how this happens. Then a person begins to hate us because he is not incorporated in the environment, in the group.

But just like you are influenced by the media in our world whether you like it or not, here too, when it comes to our spiritual development, you have to be under the influence of the environment. This is where we are given freewill, and so we have to make constant efforts. It has nothing to do with a person’s character but with the gentleness of the soul. If a person is lucky, he stays, and if he isn’t, he doesn’t stay, and is kicked out…

You are incorporated in the group and you are told: “Did you choose to be with us? Welcome, but you should know that there are certain conditions that you have to fulfill. If you agree you can stay, and if you don’t, then leave.” There are many such groups, parties, and movements; choose whatever you like, these are our conditions. We rely on the writings of Kabbalists and this is what they say. We don’t care what others have chosen and what values they prefer and accept. We accept and follow the advice of Kabbalists that have reached us through a chain of Kabbalists through the ages, starting from Abraham until today.

They implemented these conditions and reached spiritual attainment. According to their books, we see that they reached the inner essence of nature, the upper dimension. We want to attain the same things and so we listen to their advice.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/13, Shamati #64 “From Lo Lishma to Lishma

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