The Environment Makes A Human From An Ape

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe environment—from the moment that the ape came down from the tree and became a human, it is everything  This was written about in the book, The Tree of Life by the Ari, 400 years before Darwin. Beginning from that moment on, they already had become not just a band of apes but had transformed into being a kind of “society,” a society of individuals. In this, each one is a personality by himself, and in spite of it all, everyone is connected together; there are various types of unique links between them which are evolving all the time.

This was an alliance for the sake of a particular goal: defense against predatory animals, defense against other bands of apes, and so forth. Thus a social structure began to evolve more and more.

Human evolution is possible only due to the environment! There are legends about the existence of Bigfoot living somewhere in the Himalayas. But why do we describe him as a wild man with a height of two and a half meters, covered with hair and not think that he could be subtle, beautiful, and good? Because he lives alone! Perhaps he has a family, but this is still a form of existence on an animal level and not like a human society.

Therefore, if you have chosen some environment, you must become integrated within it. You must arouse yourself with jealousy all the time; this is the most effective means. It is necessary to be jealous of others, how much they have already advanced, are active, running everywhere, and internalizing the goal. If you begin to be jealous of them, then you will surely succeed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/13, Shamati #64 “From Lo Lishma to Lishma

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