The Conception Of A New Entity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two egoistic forces in our world, a negative and a positive one, and we all are between them, a small animal called man (Adam).

These two forces operate on us spontaneously. We don’t know the system according to which they lead us forward by throwing us from side to side, but in the 21st century, we have reached a level that we seem to have used them up.

We feel tired, alienated, indifferent, frustrated, lacking motivation, and depressed. This is actually the most common illness of the century and it affects the whole world. Managers of every institution complain about people’s indifference; people don’t want to work; they have no motivation to do so. A person cannot do anything with himself since these two forces have grown weak in us and their sum doesn’t push us forward anymore.

The Conception Of A New Entity

So now we begin to perceive and to study a new entity, a new order, a new dimension that is also established by the action of these two forces.

The moment we begin to yearn for the center of the group, to create what we call the right Babylon, in order to become one whole, we will immediately feel how we are repulsed by it.

What is more, the repulsing force (P2) is much greater than the attracting force that we develop (P1).

If we understand that we have to reach an outcome when the one force of connection will be revealed inside us,  we will have another force left, the force of prayer or the force of requesting, our desirable efforts in yearning, so that this force will be revealed in us. It is called a prayer but it is actually the power of our desire. It isn’t a prayer in the usual sense.

We want to add another force to us that will help us yearn for connection and unite us.

Naturally we get a very small force based on a certain egoistic desire, on egoistic benefit, since this is our nature. But when we try to attract a new force, we want the force of bestowal and love to reside among us so that we will lose ourselves, our animal essence, in our collective connection.

We operate according to the instructions that the Kabbalists left us about how to establish a group and the connection between us, and about how to focus on the secret force, draw it to us, and want it to be revealed between us as one whole so that we will resemble one another according to the system of mutual guarantee.

“Loving the other” means feeling the desires of the other and filling them while he fills my desires. This is the mutual incorporation in one another, the mutual connection. When we operate that way in the group we summon the influence of the upper force upon ourselves and it is revealed in the first phase, although not very clearly yet, and we feel certain new emotions and new forms of bestowal internally.

Subconsciously we begin to understand that the world is built so that it is possible to move to a totally new state, to the next level, in which we exist in a totally different manner, in mutual cooperation between us, as one whole, while our whole egoistic essence is be left below. It will not go away, but the altruistic force that connects us all will dominate it.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 1

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