We Will Not Fly Anywhere

746.01Question: The theory of the space program is gaining more and more influence. Scientists claim that the Earth needs to be unloaded from industry, which affects the climate of the planet.

Ideally, by the end of the century, we should take the entire polluting industry out into space. The earth must be turned into an ecological paradise, an extremely comfortable safe zone. Sooner or later, people will work in space, and the planet should become a place for life and recreation. The earth is a pearl whose glitter must be preserved, and not destroyed.

Do you agree with this theory?

Answer: When we stay here and transfer everything into space, then there will be hell here, not heaven. I do not believe and have never believed in the initial good in man. So if we do not correct the person, then it will not help us to transfer anything anywhere.

And if we correct man, there will be no need to take anything anywhere. We can quietly do what is necessary here: industry, education, upbringing, and so that everyone would be happy.

The main thing is not to rush anywhere! We want to run away so that we do not really need to decide anything. The biggest problem is people.

Every problem must be solved in such a way that everyone is happy! Not some specific person or at someone’s behest, but everyone. Until we reach such a consensus, there is nothing we can do either in space or on earth. We need to be busy only with this.

Question: Do you think that a person can believe in this reality, that the last man on earth would feel good? That humanity can live like this? Looking currently at humanity, how can people reach this?

Answer: It is precisely through the awareness of evil. Because through the awareness of evil, we will get to the need to correct the world, to correct ourselves. Therefore, simultaneously with the revelation of evil, it is necessary to show that it is evil, and how we can still get rid of it, what good should be. I think we are heading for this. I am an optimist.

Question: That is, evil is that I do not want to help others, I do not love anyone, and I am only concerned with myself?

Answer: Yes. This is our personal egoism.

Question: It overwhelms me, and I want to get rid of it; is this what I need to get to?

Answer: No, not just get rid of it, I must see that it harms me! Otherwise, how will I get rid of it? I see that it is to my detriment, and only then I decide that I have no other choice, and I must get rid of egoism.

There should be the awareness of evil, and then correspondingly the awareness of good. That is, a man will see that there is a positive force in nature. When I feel very bad, I will see it. I will start asking, “What am I supposed to do?”

Question: What should I do to build heaven on earth?

Answer: To build heaven on earth, you need to build a man. Not in space, but on Earth. Build it clearly.

It is necessary to give man a clear guideline—what it means to be a human being. We have no other choice, we are obliged to achieve the correct, kind attitude toward each other. In this, I would like to emphasize, our only assistant is our egoism. It points out where we need to correct it. Not to destroy, but to build a good relationship above it.

Here we must solve all this among ourselves and create a system of correct education. Nothing can be done without raising a new man. Whether we want it or not, it does not depend on us, but on the amount of suffering that we will feel.

We are currently entering a period of suffering that will force us to want to correct ourselves. And in Kabbalah, instructions are given on how to do this. So I hope that we are present at the birth of a new humanity, and we can still even see it.

Comment: That is, we will not leave the Earth, nor will we transfer anything from here.

My Response: No. These are some kind of ridiculous ideas. This is not what can be done with our technology and our internal parameters.

Question: Are we tied to the Earth as if with an umbilical cord?

Answer: Of course. A man will not fly anywhere without answering his own question about what he is and what he should be. The entire cosmos is only given so that we understand that here, on Earth, we must make all our corrections.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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