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“Revealing The Wide Picture Of Reality”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/12/20

America awaits good news. People expect to receive federal unemployment benefits in the coming days as a result of an executive order for relief from Covid-19’s economic impacts. In addition, new experimental treatments to get a grip on the pandemic promise to bear fruit soon, and billions are invested in the ongoing race to find a vaccine against the coronavirus. Despite these efforts, the only solution capable of brightening up and sharpening the blurry image of the future is fixing our human relations. Why? It is so because only there at the root can the problem be tackled for good.

The path to healing begins with an accurate diagnosis. It is no coincidence that as soon as humanity barely recovers from a particular catastrophe, a new blow arises. This indicates that the previous treatment failed to address the underlying cause of the troubles, thus they continue to reappear in new forms.

Therefore, focusing on finding band aid solutions to the pandemic and its consequences will never be lastingly effective. A complete cure for this global problem requires a fundamental change in our social relations since that is the triggering force for all that unfolds in reality. We live within the system of nature, which is a great force field where everything is connected: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels. The more developed a creature is, the more powerful its impact on the entire system.

Our attitudes, thoughts, and desires towards others are at the highest and most potent level in nature. So if these elements are directed correctly, they will radiate favorably on all the levels of nature below the human level. In other words, the things we want and think of—especially in relation to our surrounding environment—create the most powerful impact within the network of the forces of nature.

The Accurate Image Revealed 

Whether consciously or not, we constantly measure ourselves against those around us. The more we consider ourselves to be on a higher status, smarter, and more successful compared to others, the more comfortable we feel. At the same time, a greater separation is perceived between ourselves and others that results in making little effort to be considerate of others. This is what we refer to as the egoistic, selfish relations that create imbalance in nature, which returns in a boomerang effect upon us, making us weak, vulnerable, and unhealthy.

The coronavirus continues to advance us to a new level of connection in which we function “as one man with one heart,” forming a complete image of reality as if billions of pixels have connected with no division between them. Such an image will be crystal clear to each and every one if we only hold on to each other tightly, if we support each other to the point that we would never cause harm or take advantage of others in any way but only do good to everyone.

Of course, such aspirations toward perfect harmony with others do not come naturally. It is not in anyone’s power to change the egocentric operating mechanism inherent from birth. All that is required from each of us is just a readiness for that change to take place. And when there is a deep understanding that good human relations are indispensable for survival in the 21st Century, we will discover an upwelling of sublime qualities of loving and giving, and the world will change from end to end. Instead of scrambling to survive after each and every beating, we will experience lasting positive outcomes.

Change must begin within each of us, in our thoughts, because they are the most powerful force in creation. If we make efforts to do this together, we will feel how deeply we are connected in one system—spiritually, mentally, internally—and instead of viruses and hardships, we will be filled with the perception of life on a higher level, the perfect picture of reality.

My Thoughts On Twitter 8/12/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We are undergoing the first blow of the integral world into which nature wishes to place us—in order that we may accept it and unite by good connections. But we are resisting. There are two paths from here on: the good path and the path of suffering. We will have to proceed by one of them or between them. Kabbalah helps us to choose the better one.

And the solution has to match our new bad sensation— the more all-enveloping and global the blow to the entire planet, the more global must be the remedy against it—meaning our unity, until reaching the absolute, common love that envelops everyone.

We are living in a new era, and the crimes being revealed in the world today do not belong to a group of people, a person or a nation – but to everyone together. This already means that we really are in a new era, and the world is becoming closed, integral.

“I created the evil inclination”—the Creator reveals the evil of our egoism, and we must reveal the good inclination, unity and love, which will cover all of the evil. This will be our spiritual work. That is how we become the Creator’s partners. He reveals evil, and we reveal goodness, and that is how we attain Him.

“Love will cover all sins”—this principle covers the whole of creation. Because the purpose of creation is to attain love as the upper degree of connection, unity. And to attain this state, we must first feel its opposite—meaning hatred, rejection, transgression.
From Twitter, 8/12/20

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Business From Heart To Heart

Laitman_507.03We are living in a new era, and the old one will not return. Therefore, there is no point in sitting and grieving for the old life, like an old man who remembers his younger years with tears. This time is gone, over! We were thrown out of our previous state, the door closed behind us, and there is no way back.

It is impossible to manage anything in the world today with the help of the old systems. What’s left is just to ensure they don’t work. In the next year or six months, we will see the collapse of many of the systems we have built: financial, industrial, and educational, which will crumble before our eyes like a house of cards.

And then, how to exist? We will have to abandon all the systems built over the past hundred years—companies, banks, industry, commerce, health care, and education—and move to a new system.

Calmly, friends, without panic and without nerves! We have grown up in order to now consciously move into a new state, holding the management in our hands.

Everything that was controlled by our egoism according to a single program, to win more, which meant success, and it does not work today. Nature is introducing a new program to us. And I can no longer make a profit by what worked before: expensive things. The coronavirus is deliberately preventing us from retaining the old systems.

We are already in a new system, but we don’t know how to use it. The new system is the ten, the world Kabbalistic group. It is necessary to start building a new humanity, new relationships from heart to heart. You don’t need anything else. According to the new internal non-egoistic relationships, it will become clear how to build relationships in business. They must correspond to a heart-to-heart relationship.

A new desire will bring a new method of communication in business. Everything will change. The old will be destroyed, but the new production will grow even more than before, but for the sake of bestowal, mutual involvement. The principle should be different: for the benefit of all and not to harm anyone! No one should win more than others at someone else’s expense; everything is only for a better connection.

And then businesses will start to grow before your eyes, as it is said: “The sprouts have come out of the ground,” and there will be a new crop, a new harvest, all over again. This is called “the field blessed by the Creator.” And the principles of connection can only be borrowed from the ten, from the connection between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/5/20, “Preparation for the Virtual Convention  ‘A New World’ 2002, ‘The Last Generation from the Old World to the New World’” 

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“The Solidarity Israel Needs To Offer To Lebanon” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “The Solidarity Israel Needs to Offer to Lebanon

The human impact of the recent massive explosion in a port warehouse district in Beirut cannot leave anyone indifferent. It has left a gaping wound among the already maimed Lebanese population, which has suffered a prolonged existential economic crisis. The international community is questioning how the aggravated crisis in Lebanon will affect a region as volatile as the Middle East. The answer will depend entirely on Israel, on its ability to deliver what the world expects from it: to become the light to the nations and radiate that light to the region and the entire world.

Some analysts consider the deadly explosion beneficial to Israel since the terrorist group Hezbollah—to whom Lebanese protesters point as the prime suspect in the blast—could be forced to enter a period of restraint. I do not agree. I do not think a disaster harming the citizens in one country can possibly benefit another country. Therefore, this human catastrophe will not influence the Middle East for the better or for the worse.

Israel offered humanitarian aid and support to the disaster-stricken country, and Lebanon’s flag was displayed on Tel Aviv’s City Hall, but both gestures were perceived by many as mockery. We need to express sympathy, but not forcefully and persistently reach out. We can learn from our attempts to build a close alliance with our neighboring countries Egypt and Jordan: Despite our efforts to get closer and invest in cooperative projects, relations remain cold.

Israel, in fact, can provide the invaluable assistance that Lebanon (and the entire world) needs, as it holds the key to a better future. But we first need to understand precisely what the nations truly demand from us to carry out.

The Help No One Will Reject

Throughout history up to current times, the Jewish people have presented the nations with remarkable accomplishments in scientific and academic skills, in life-saving inventions and breakthrough discoveries. But while developing all those, we overlooked the one tenet that the world needs most today and which is altogether absent on our entire planet: unity. This does not refer to the kind of unity necessary for defeating an adversary. Rather, it is the kind of connection that can provide an example to be shared with whoever has interest in embracing it.

As foremost Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag wrote,

“It is upon the Israeli nation to qualify itself and all the people of the world … to develop until they take upon themselves that sublime work of the love of others, which is the ladder to the purpose of Creation.” (The Arvut, Mutual Guarantee)

By engaging in this mutual venture to build a new, positive society based on love and connection above differences, Israel will be able to make giant strides toward realizing the destiny that our forefathers dreamed of: to be “light unto the nations.” As a result, the world will happily absorb the spirit that we will spread, and the animosity toward Israel will disappear.

As Rav Kook elaborated about the role of the Jewish nation to a global positive change,

“The construction of the world, which is currently crumpled by the dreadful storms of a blood-filled sword requires the construction of the Israeli nation … in anticipation of a force full of unity … that is found in Israel.” (Orot [Lights])

Indeed, if the nations of the world want to find peace, the only thing that they need to do is invert their hostility toward Israel into pressure upon this nation to unite, which will open the pipe to tranquility and security in the world. At that time, Israel will be a beacon of hope for all the nations to live in peace, brotherhood, and unity with our neighbors and the entire world.

“Aliens On Our Own Planet” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Aliens on Our Own Planet

With every passing day, it’s becoming clearer that we’re moving into a new era. The protests against wearing masks are the rebellion of our egos against a compulsory change. Big tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook have already told their employees to keep working from home for at least another year. Everything will change: jobs, banks, industry, education, commerce, human relations, international relations, our whole civilization will turn on its head, and so will we. Only then, the virus will leave.

The exploitative, excessively competitive system where one had to destroy the other in order to survive has exhausted itself.

Both WHO Secretary General António Guterres and White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci have stated that an effective vaccine is unlikely in the foreseeable future, if ever. In simple words, our lives have changed forever.

Moreover, the more we try to return to the previous “normal,” the more we will inflame recurring waves of Covid. If every time the contagion rate declines we will insist on reopening businesses, we will experience a third, fourth, and who knows how many waves of the pandemic until we realize we cannot beat it. Nature has landed us a knockout, and every time we try to get up and fight, it lands another blow.

But nature isn’t out to kill us; it is out to teach us how to be a part of it, rather than hostile aliens on our own planet. And being part of nature means first and foremost to unite among us, to feel close to our fellow human beings, and in this way learn how to be close to nature. The world we live in is one complete and integral system. To feel its integrality, we need to make ourselves similar to it: integral and complete. And the journey toward it begins at home: with us people.

The exploitative, excessively competitive system where one had to destroy the other in order to survive has exhausted itself. The mindset of survival of the fittest runs contrary to the whole of nature, which operates on the completely opposite principle: survival of the friendliest (Google it). Now it is upon us to build this type of society, and in the process, begin to understand the true nature of the world around us.

No one will help us. As a society, we are egoists and don’t know how to truly care for one another. But we can fake it till we make it, and if we keep in mind that our goal is to build a united, integral system where everyone shares the benefits, we will succeed.

Although deep down we all wish we could go back to our old way of life, even if there were no coronavirus, it would be very unwise to do so. There is already so much hatred in the country that a social collapse, if not an all-out civil war, is imminent. In many ways, it has already begun but it is not yet bloody, and it seems like someone has forgotten to make an official declaration.

But it is not too late to reroute. We can look around us and see that everything consists of opposites that complement each other. Only people think that opposites should annihilate one another, oblivious to the fact that just as in nature, opposites allow each other to exist, so it is with us.

We see the world as flat, a two-dimensional image, not realizing that the same human nature operates all parties, all factions of human society. When we insist on seeing the world only through one perspective, we miss the chance to use the other perspective as a “second eye” and get a three-dimensional view. This is the only way that we can see the full depth and scope of reality, and find what operates the whole picture that we see before us. Only when you can look at the world through both prisms can you see it, so instead of trying to abolish the other viewpoint, we should cherish it, thank it for existing, while keeping our separate perspective.

Unity is not created when two opposites become the same. It is created when two opposites complete each other’s different viewpoints to create the full picture, which neither can see alone.

Disconnection Of Communities, Part 8

laitman_933The Main Value of the Jewish People

Question: Who is the Creator that can unite everyone?

Answer: The Creator is the global quality of bestowal and love, the mutual connection of people with each other. Only!

In this regard, the Jews should set an example to all other nations of the world. But in general, this idea and this goal are the same for all of humanity.

Question: So everyone can keep their own traditions?

Answer: Traditions and all earthly things do not matter. All this will be covered with the aspiration to one single quality of love and reciprocity, and everyone will feel united in one family.

We must do this, and the sooner the better. Recently, we have seen how the egoistic, earthly nature pushes us out of ourselves! It will press on us through the nations of the world, through all sorts of natural disasters. And it is going to be bad for us if we don’t listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says.

Comment: It turns out that today we do not have one God, meaning the quality of bestowal and love. This is the highest value.

My Response: In potential, the Jews have it. Therefore, this God cannot be depicted, there is nothing to tell about Him: incorporeal, colorless, without outlines. He seems to dissolve because this is a quality that a person must create in himself and thus adhere to Him. There is no God outside of man.

Comment: If connection is the main value, then we cannot unite in any way because each direction, each spiritual current, has its own values: how to dress, how to perform an action, etc.

My Response: Purely external attributes cannot unite people and make a special model of them.

Comment: But again, everyone interprets the quality of bestowal and love in their own way.

My Response: Yes, it dissolves, disappears somewhere. But we must still take it into account and use it.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/12/19

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Find A Middle Ground

760.4Comment: I am being pulled to the bottom by my usual way of life. And all those with whom I communicate do not believe in the possibility of change. From this, hands fall, and the desire to move forward disappears.

My Response: So what? Hands drop down, you don’t want to move forward, don’t move. All the same, life will force you.

You just need to find a middle ground for yourself. Do not rush to jump headfirst into something, but walk measuredly, clearly, and with the help of Kabbalah analyze everything that you meet in life. This will teach you the right approach to the world very quickly.

Question: But is there a life path that leads to success, or is it a loose concept?

Answer: Of course there is. But it is already destined for you, and you reveal it either in a good way, or in an bad way. These are such different paths that it seems to you that they are different lives.

Comment: It turns out that in this life we can either walk our path of spirituality and comprehend something or end our days in ignorance.

My Response: You will appear again in a new incarnation.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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Can A Person Choose Something Freely?

laitman_546.03Question: Our nature is egoism, which works according to the program “maximum pleasure for minimum energy consumption.” We probably have some choice within this framework. However, this choice is not free because there still is a framework.

For example, I can say that now I choose to drink tea or coffee. But in fact, this decision has already been made by some predetermined conditions. Can a person choose something freely?

Answer: No. Absolutely nothing.

According to Kabbalah, the only thing we can do is influence the environment that shapes us. We cannot influence ourselves directly, but we can choose the environment and influence it so that it will be like this and not different. By environment, we mean a lot of factors that affect us, shaping who we will be.

Question: Let’s say there are rich people who send their children to study at Oxford. They sort of choose this environment. But is this really a choice?

Answer: Yes, this is some sort of a choice.

Question: Again, within a certain framework. What I am interested in is whether it is even possible for a person to choose neutrally?

Answer: No. On the basis of what data will he choose neutrally? There must be primary parameters.

Question: Then what does it mean that he chooses the environment? This is not a choice either.

Answer: No, it is still a choice from several possible options. Maybe we do not know why he chose this one. Some circumstances, hormones, genes, and so on prompted him from within.

Nevertheless, we are still not free to do anything. We are free only to direct ourselves to the most correct goal possible with the help of an appropriate environment.

Otherwise, I can choose a different environment, for example, some criminals, thieves, and thus ensure a completely different future for myself.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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New Life 1261 – Virtual Connections

New Life 1261 – Virtual Connections
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The virtual platform provides a more useful, practical, accessible, convenient, and palpable community experience in comparison with other forms of gathering. It costs less and pollutes less. Emotion can be expressed better virtually as well since people are more protected and committed. We can meet, play games, sing, act, and even eat together virtually just like in a family. There are no limitations to how we can connect heart to heart online.

While children will continue to gather physically for brief periods to play sports together, overall, the warm, inner thoughts and feelings that we develop for one another virtually will compensate for, cover, complete, and conceal any physical interactions we could have had. We will enter a new, pure, clean dimension of life without borders or boundaries where we feel each other through an “inner sight” and get to know the essence of others in an absolutely perfect world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1261 – Virtual Connections,” 6/6/20

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