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“No Bullying And No Survival Of The Fittest”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/18/20

A friend told me that psychologists say that our biggest problem is that when life slows down because of the coronavirus restrictions, it makes us think about why we live. In fact, they say that the main problem is when a person begins to think about the meaning of life, what he is living for.

To this, I can only say that the coronavirus came specifically in order to make us think about the purpose of our lives. But it didn’t come to make us miserable. On the contrary, it came to teach us what real happiness is. By forcing us to think of one another, even if it’s only in order to avoid contagion, it is inadvertently shaping us into a community, making us notice, and eventually care for one another. And by correcting our relationships, we will begin to feel the world we live in, and not just ourselves. Just as the cells in our body “feel” and are “conscious” of the entire body, we will feel and be conscious of the entire world.

There will be no fear among us, no ruling or bullying, no survival of the fittest attitude, but rather mutual support, care and consideration of each other, just as all the cells and organs have their unique traits but work for the sake of the entire body. We can already hear people saying that everyone needs to wear face masks not in order to avoid catching the virus, but in order to avoid infecting others. This is just the first step in the establishment of a completely new reality—one that is based on consideration, compassion, and care.

“Loneliness Kills” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Loneliness Kills

A few days ago, a young man in Israel, a school teacher, killed himself. He had students, he had tenure, he was healthy, handsome, eloquent, and he was lonely. In a Facebook post, he wrote his final note: “It is not good for the man to be alone; loneliness kills. Another day, another week, another month, another year goes by and I’m alone. At lunch, at work, in the evening, on weekends, on holidays, and on birthdays that no one remembers. The few friends have gone, faded in time; it is time to leave.”

Suddenly, when Covid-19 came along and forced us to take a break from mutual annihilation, we began to feel the emptiness we have inside.

That man was not unique in his emotions. His words on social media capture the curse of our time: We are all connected, yet so alone. Loneliness has become so heavy these days precisely because we should have been so much more connected than we are.

We’re so late in our development. By now, we should have been a connected humanity that feels that we are one system whose parts complement each other and reciprocate with one another for the sake of humankind and all of nature. Instead, until just recently, we have been immersed up to our necks in the quagmire of mutual destruction that we proudly (and mistakenly) called “capitalistic economy” and “progress.”

Suddenly, when Covid-19 came along and forced us to take a break from mutual annihilation, we began to feel the emptiness we have inside. But what else could we have within us? When everyone hates and fears everyone else to the point that you stop talking and communicate by texting, and you build around you walls of false confidence and fake smiles to hide your insecurity, when suddenly you are alone, you realize that you have no idea who you are, how to be with yourself, or what you really want because you have been busy all your life erecting walls against the hostile outside world. And no one calls because they’re all in the same situation: Everyone is lonely and afraid of being hurt.

Being alone means you are ignored, that people don’t care about you, so some people prefer to end their lives as long as at some point, even if it’s their final moment, somebody will care.

Why We Can’t Connect

Humanity is different from all other parts of nature in that we must evolve of our own accord. Our evolution is far less physical compared to other species, and far more emotional, intellectual, and social. At the height of our evolution, we are intended to experience the wholeness of the system we call the “universe.”

Nature develops all other elements besides humanity through instincts. Humans are largely devoid of them. When an animal is born, it immediately knows where to find food, can often walk within a few hours, and generally behaves like any other animal of its kind. Humans, on the other hand, can barely move their hands and legs when they are born, and remain utterly helpless for years. Humans, unlike animals, have to gain their knowledge by themselves through hard work.

In human society, just as a human infant, we have to learn one step at a time how to become social beings and how to build a good society for ourselves. We are evolving through our own desire to improve our situation. And we are not evolving randomly, but in a clear direction: toward greater cohesion, greater care for one another, greater mutual responsibility, and eventually to love for one another.
When a child is hungry, it cries because an empty stomach feels bad. When a person is lonely, he cries because an empty heart feels very, very bad. Heartache hurts much more than an empty stomach.

But the loneliness so many feel today is not the end. It’s the beginning. It’s the darkness before the dawn. Now we are beginning to realize that we must transform everything, and first and foremost our relationships. To make a change, we have to feel that the present is unbearable. And nothing is more
unbearable than loneliness.

We can prevent such tragedies as suicide because of loneliness if we stop insisting on returning to our previous, backward state of “free” economy that is reined by egoism, and start advancing to the state of mutual concern and empathy we should have been in long ago. Along the way, we will discover that it’s not only better to care for each other than fear one another, it is also how all of reality works but us, until we, too, reach that state.

“How Long Will It Be Until We Have A Coronavirus Vaccine?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How long will it be until we have a coronavirus vaccine?

First, if we could look at the intentions behind the global race for a coronavirus vaccine, then what would we see?

Would we see a sincere concern of experts and world leaders to improve humanity’s health?

Or would we see a cutthroat pursuit to be the first to birth a major source of new income for their country’s economy, as well as an ability to flaunt their country’s gleaming status and pride as being smarter and more adept than other countries for winning this race?

Since human nature is egoistic, prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others, then it should come as no surprise that the latter inclinations are the primal driving factors behind the pursuit for a coronavirus vaccine.

This race thus becomes a reflection of the same overblown egoistic human relations that stand behind the disease in the first place. So even if we develop a vaccine, we can expect it to fall short of providing us with a lasting remedy. On the contrary, without correction of our egoistic inclinations, we can only expect our problems to worsen.

What does it mean that our egoistic relations are behind this disease?

When we can view the coronavirus pandemic as part of a process unfolding in nature that guides our eventual exit from our egoistic nature—and entrance into a new positively connected reality, balanced with nature—then we can see how the coronavirus emerged primarily as a blow to the very ego that nature pressures us to exit.

Therefore, no matter what sophisticated vaccines we come up with, if we fail to use this pandemic in order to increase our awareness of the greater process we are in, and of what nature ultimately wants from us, then we will inevitably have to experience harsher blows in order to wake us up to the goodness that exists outside of our divisive egos.

The main discovery we thus need to make with this pandemic is not outside us, in the form of a vaccine, but inside us, in the form of upgraded attitudes to each other: from egoistic, indifferent and even hateful, to altruistic, caring and loving.

Moreover, the coronavirus has laid out before our very eyes just how connected we are, showing how a minuscule particle that surfaced in a small Chinese province became humanity’s common problem, placing people around the world into similar restrictive conditions.

In other words, through the coronavirus, nature shows us how connected and interdependent we are, while at the same time, this should illuminate how much we are disconnected and divided in our egoistic attitudes to each other.

The parallel opposite tendency of becoming increasingly interdependent while also becoming more and more egoistic is a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, the sooner we implement a change in our attitudes to each other in order to align ourselves with the connectedness surrounding us, then the sooner we will develop immunity to the coronavirus and to other even stronger diseases, without needing to stick any needles into our veins.

“No Black Without White” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “No Black without White

When society is falling apart, it’s not because one side is wrong and the other side is right; it’s because neither wants to unite. By nature, we want anything that doesn’t please us to disappear. If you think differently from me, I want you out of my life, and preferably out of existence. This is the natural thinking of every person, to various extents. But nature didn’t endow us only with this nature; it also gave us the ability to think and choose.

When we learn that our lives, their meaning, and their continuity depend on the persistence of the ones we hate, we will value the reality that created everything, and we will be able to build love for the wholeness above the hatred for the part. Only then will there be peace and happiness.

Nature endowed us with the ability to observe and to learn that nothing exists unless its opposite supports its existence. Planet Earth, for example, is kept in orbit thanks to the balance between the Sun’s gravitational pull toward it, and the centrifugal force that pushes it away from it. Likewise, our lives revolve around the hours of darkness and light, and our vision relies on the range between seeing all the colors together, creating the color white, and no colors at all, creating the color black. Heat and cold, hunger and fullness, attraction and rejection, love and hate, all those are opposites that make our lives what they are.

The opposite of our lives don’t deny or refute one another; they enable and complement one another! If we could only realize that as it is in all of reality and as it is with us, so it is with our fellow people, imagine what an inclusive, welcoming world we would have. Imagine what richness we could experience if we could embrace the diversity of people’s colors, races, beliefs, penchants, perspectives, and everything else that makes us different, yet complementary.

Imagine also what a dull and stagnant world we would have if everyone were the same. We wouldn’t develop thinking since we would have no need to articulate a point of view. We wouldn’t develop imagination since nothing would stimulate or intrigue us. We would lose our creativity, vitality, and the zest for life. In fact, we owe even our fierce hatred and the delight of indulging in self-righteousness to the fact that there are people who are different from us. What would we do if they did not exist?

The bottom line is that we need to look beyond the differences and see the wholeness that engenders them, and that the differences maintain the wholeness. When we learn that our lives, their meaning, and their continuity depend on the persistence of the ones we hate, we will value the reality that created everything, and we will be able to build love for the wholeness above the hatred for the part. Only then will there be peace and happiness.

A War Of Dark And Light Forces Awaits Us

624.03Question: Four months of the virus flew by in an instant and there was practically no particularly positive news. There were snowfalls, storms, fires, earthquakes. Iran is developing a nuclear bomb again. Look what is happening in America: riots and fiery arguments. There was no good news. Man lives in this space.

How can he live among all the terrible news that befell him during these 4 to 5 months?

Answer: Let’s at least make people around the world embrace a week of positive thoughts. Only positive thoughts! Nothing else can be done. Just think positively about others.

Question: Do you think it would work if we could hold on to this for a week?

Answer: Let’s try. What can we lose? It is from this, I think, that we do not lose anything.

It doesn’t cost anything. No one should postpone anything. We must not stop anything; we must continue living just like we do now. It is just that throughout this week, we will talk only about good relations. And how much, perhaps, we will gain from this. Let’s take a look. We have all these statistics. And suddenly, we will see what we are doing only if we say kind things. Try.

Question: How is all this arranged? From above?

Answer: Of course, from above: the United States, UN, World Health Organization, UNESCO.

Question: That is, to stop political games and say: “Let’s try to live like this for a week”?

Answer: Yes, of course. But the fact is that they will not want it because it will immediately be discovered that we do not need anything other than this.

Remark: You always have a turning point at the end when you say: “But this is impossible.” You suggest: “Let’s do it!” And you immediately say: “But this is impossible.”

Answer: It is possible, but impossible.

Question: That is, no one will agree to this?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So what is our practical advice then?

Answer: But there is no practical advice here. Our egoism will not allow us to do this.

Question: So, you think that only this will help, but our egoism will not allow us to do it?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: There is a dead end here. We are in it again. Please take us out of this impasse.

My Reply: We must nullify all egoistic relationships. We will see how much we stand face to face in front of huge egoism, and we have nowhere to go. What are we going to do without it, my dear?

Remark: That is, we want this week of good thoughts to come, we cannot; we stand against the egoism and it tells us: “You will never do this! Because then you will nullify me”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this a good state? Is it important for such a standing to appear?

Answer: Of course, good. Then we would at least move a little forward.

Question: Would we understand what hinders us in this life?

Answer: Yes. But we cannot, we cannot. As the famous Russian stand-up comic Raikin said about the deficit: “Well, you should at least leave something.” 🙂

We must still try to explain it. So that when even worse times come—the virus for the second time, for the third time—it will finish us off, weaken us, and we will agree. At least for such half measures.

Question: That is, to talk about what is now impossible. Is it necessary to talk about good relationships between person to person, a week of good thoughts, and so on?

Answer: Anyway, everything will finally get to this.

Question: Will egoism eventually give up?

Answer: No! There will be a huge war, an internal war, a spiritual war of forces! A war of dark and light forces. This is a biblical war, which is described in the sources. The children of light and the children of darkness.

Question: Is this a war between good deeds and egoism?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, what is next? What does it say at the end?

Answer: In the end, the good forces will win. But only after a huge internal struggle, which they must accomplish internally.

Question: Each person out of eight billion must go through all this?

Answer: Absolutely everyone!

Remark: In fact, you say that the script has already been written.

Answer: We will finish off this scenario.

Question: But has it been written already?

Answer: No. Not the final one. There are such scenes there!

Question: There is a role for my freewill too?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: So, I have to choose something?

Answer: Yes. What I command. Moreover, it will happen during the most critical scenes. Not in general but on the whole, everything is directed toward the victory of the good forces over the dark forces, but we command all turns and special states, we determine them.

Every second we will have to give our solution through our freewill and pressure to make it come true. Everything will depend on us! Although, everything is predetermined.

Question: But this is so incomprehensible to a person! That is, he will walk with the feeling that it is good for the light to win, constantly face the darkness, understand that he will not overcome the darkness; this is impossible, and we will still somehow continue?

Answer: Of course, yes. And we will grow, like sprouts from the earth, in a new form, in an altruistic society. This is no longer an earthly society. This is a completely different view.

This is a completely different birth. And we will exist in it in a different way—in the form of forces, in the form of a plan, in the form of thoughts.

Question: You always give an example that a child is born upside down. I understand that I will never get through this, and suddenly an overturning, and I find myself there?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is someone pushing us out or are we born ourselves?

Answer: No, of course, all this is done by nature, by a higher nature. It pushes us and gives birth.

Question: Only efforts are needed from us?

Answer: We must conform to this, accompany it. This will all happen very quickly, unnoticed. And all these viruses will accompany us until our new birth.

Question: So, it turns out that viruses are actually a thrusting force?

Answer: Yes. They shape us. They do everything.

The most important thing is not what they do in our world biologically, but that they give rise to an attitude in us toward a new perception. It is most important.

In general, everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/15/20

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Are Humans A Virus?

752.3Comment: People are a virus. This is the opinion of one of a few movements for saving nature, for saving the environment, which is called “Eco-fascism.”

“Global warming threatens humanity. The industrial economy is destroying species diversity. Corporations have too much power. White people should prepare for a racial war,” the movement adheres to this slogan.

They believe that it is necessary to isolate people from nature, and it is desirable that viruses such as the coronavirus and other epidemics, destroy some of the people. And there will remain the part of humanity that can actively develop, support nature, ecology, and reasonable consumption.

My Response: I do not think these movements are worthy of attention.

Are humans a virus? Yes, people in today’s state are a negative, selfish force of nature. They always had it, but today it has developed to such a state where they themselves cannot bear it. Therefore, this state is already becoming relatively positive, the so-called awareness of the evil of its nature. Therefore, within human society, all kinds of movements opposite to their nature arise.

I respect humanity for the fact that it is looking for the answer to: what should we do with ourselves? We are so harmful, bad, we are so terrible, but where can we turn, what can we do with ourselves?

We must come to a serious and real conclusion that out of all those existing on planet earth, we are the only harmful one. Not because we eat inanimate, vegetative, animate nature, but because of what we do to ourselves.

First, by destroying inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature, we bring enormous harm to the environment. But at the same time, we do great harm to ourselves because we eat ourselves, figuratively speaking, from the inside.

Man is the only creature that possesses negative energy, a negative property called “egoism,” which is ready to kill everything and everyone. Not for your own benefit, but only so that nothing else exists nearby. He wants to see himself as the only one in the center of the world and not to have others in this world at all.

Question: You spoke about the search that a person leads, the search for a way out, the search for a solution to the current situation and, in general, the change in the paradigm of the entire life of all mankind. How can he find this root point of evil in order to eradicate it and start a new movement?

Answer: He cannot find it. Even if he sees how something can be changed, he does not have the strength to do it. He needs a clear implementation of the program of nature—how a person can change himself. This is inherent in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It indicates how people should unite with each other in order to extract from nature the positive force that unites them, and with the help of such unification, to channel this force through themselves to the whole environment.

We must inversely change our nature and become altruists instead of egoists.

The correct change of human nature to absolute goodness, to love for one’s neighbor, should be at the heart of human ethics and triumph.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/1/20

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Depression And The Meaning Of Life

198Remark: Billions of people who were staying at home during quarantine are now slowly coming out of it. At the same time, a lot of problems arise with a person’s psychology, with finding where to work and what to do. Psychologists say that the main thing is that reducing the pace of life will make us think about how and why we live.

In fact, they say the main problem is when a person begins to think about the meaning of life, what he is living for.

My Comment: This is natural. When he sees his life both in quarantine and without quarantine, before the coronavirus and after the coronavirus, and with new viruses, he will still start to feel, “What is happening to me? Why is nature playing with me?” This is where we need to start organizing a person.

Question: What will you tell him so he would hear, would suddenly feel the light at the end of the tunnel?

Answer: Nature is offering us an ultimate solution: You, all of you together, will have to correct yourself to the likeness to nature, that is, to create a good human community on this Earth. Through the correction of relationships between people, you will begin to feel our world as infinite, eternal perfection.

Question: Should education be directed toward this?

Answer: Nurture the relationship between people so that you create harmonious common humanity.

Remark: I was running around all the time, looking for work, filling myself with work. And now you are telling me, “You came to a halt. Stop. None of this will exist. Start thinking about how to build good connections between people.”

My Comment: Yes. This is the work. This is precisely the work of a person!

Question: Are you referring this to each person?

Answer: Absolutely everyone.

Question: Not only to those who manage people?

Answer: No. To all people. There is no management here. There is more mutual help than management here.

Question: Does it mean that the simplest, most inconspicuous person begins to think, how do I build good relationships with other people—with the inner circle, the far circle, and so on?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you call this work?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Should he receive some kind of compensation for this? After all, he must have something to live on.

Answer: He will receive compensation. Human society will be arranged in such a way that it will be paying for this, giving everyone a kind of stipend.

Question: That is, a person is paid for building good connections with others? This is something new, this is a revolution for humanity.

Answer: Why? This is work! Perhaps you will be able to measure it.

Question: Will humanity agree to this? After all, someone has to pay for this.

Answer: It will have to agree.

Question: Firstly, where can we get money to pay people for such work, which, in principle, was not considered work before?

Answer: Money is printed; there are no problems with this. We can print notes or maybe tokens.

People will work at necessary-for-society enterprises, which will be constantly reorganized so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s it!

Let’s say that 20% of people, constantly replacing one another, will have to work at these enterprises that produce what people need. Only for people and only what people need. They will spend all the rest of the time and effort on creating a correct connection between themselves.

Question: To do this, a person will have to study. As you already said, 20% of the people will be working, replacing each other. And 80% will be sitting at desks, from young to old. Will they be paid for learning how to build good connections with each other?

Answer: Yes. There will be a necessary living standard and that is it. And there will be a very kind, good atmosphere.

Question: There will be no depression?

Answer: No. First of all, envy will disappear. Envy will remain only in the form of, “Can I do as much for society as others, and not less?” Meaning, positive envy.

Question: In what will a person feel the meaning of life then?

Answer: He will attain the Creator in a correct connection between him and the others. This is the reward that is more elevated and perfect than any other. He will feel his life as eternal, perfect, and complete.

Question: Why will the Creator come to a person the moment he builds good connections with others? Why will the Creator be revealed to him?

Answer: According to the law of equivalence of form between the Creator and a person who builds himself in good relationships with others.

Question: Let’s say that the Creator is revealed to me, to the ordinary person. What does it mean for me? What is it?

Answer: The feeling that you exist in an eternal, perfect space. The entire cosmos, everything around you, feels like your home, your eternal, perfect state. You perceive this not through your body, not through your animalistic state, but rather through another, more elevated state, which is called “soul.” This is natural and accessible to everyone.

I am sure that this will become a very urgent need in the coming years.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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Who Is To Blame For The Destruction Of The Temple?

95The 9th of Av symbolizes the destruction of the Temple, which occurred because of the unfounded hatred in the people of Israel. And we see that throughout history there have been and are some groups within the Jewish people who are at war with one another. This is the very same hatred.

The Jews are the people that Abraham gathered in Ancient Babylon when there was hatred between people. He taught that there is only one remedy against hatred: to rise to love above all hatred that had grown to the heavens like the tower of Babel.

Some of the inhabitants of Babylon followed Abraham and he took them from Babylon to Canaan, to the land of Israel. The rest remained in Babylon.

Abraham taught his disciples to live by the law of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. This main rule “love will cover all crimes” separated them from all other peoples of the world who remained in Babylon and then scattered throughout the Earth.

And those who followed Abraham were representatives of all nations, but they were able to unite together and become the people of Israel, which means “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel), that is, straight to unity, to love one’s neighbor. They strived to get closer and become brothers, and to some extent they succeeded.

They had to go through the Egyptian exile, through many trials on their way, but it only strengthened them. They became closer and really became one people; they called themselves Israel (“straight to the Creator”) as a sign that they were striving for one power—the power of love.

But egoism does not calm down, it awakens again and confuses a person, so over time, various groups began to form in the people of Israel that opposed the method of Abraham. They wanted to live under capitalism so that everyone would do what they wanted instead of living as one community. Real wars and struggles began between them.

Throughout history, the people of Israel have been at war within themselves, and the reason is always the same: “for” or “against” unification. This was the case when the First Temple and the Second Temple were destroyed. All the downfalls were only because some groups called for uniting and covering all crimes with love, while others were against and did not agree.

This continues to this day. That is why the people of Israel have been subjected to exile, much suffering, and dislike by all the peoples of the world. After all, other peoples also came out of Ancient Babylon, only they forgot about it.

Today both Jews and the nations of the world are scattered throughout the Earth, and no one knows what love for one’s neighbor is. Since then, egoism has grown terribly in Jews and in the nations of the world. It is necessary to awaken the root cause in all to find out what is happening to the world, why the nations of the world still have grievances against the people of Israel, and what the mission of the people of Israel is. This needs to be explained to everyone.

Historians attribute the destruction of the First Temple to the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and the Second Temple to the Roman Emperor Titus. However, Jews believe that the destruction was caused by conflicts within the people of Israel itself. And indeed, the reason for everything was unfounded hatred and disunity. By our resistance to unification, we caused the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

All our misfortunes are caused by the fact that we do not get along with one another and cannot achieve unity in the people of Israel.

Outwardly, it seems that the imperial troops and enemies are to blame for the destruction, but in fact, we ourselves, by the presence or absence of connection between us, set these empires for or against our existence and see the natural result. A foreign external force only executes the sentence, but we ourselves activate these forces within our own people. So we have no one to blame for our bitter fate but ourselves.

And today the same thing is happening: Persia (today’s Iran) and other Arab countries are against us, and all because there is no proper connection within us, and this creates a world of division and hatred among all.

Other nations may also have internal enmity, but there is no such hatred as there is in the people of Israel, because we hate the Jews within ourselves. The inner Jew is the desire that requires us to unite above our egoism and show the world that it is possible to live in peace, tranquility, and unity, and this will be the correction of the whole world.

This is what the Jew inside us says, but we do not want to listen to him. Only Kabbalists who study the science of Kabbalah, in which it is clearly spelled out in black and white for thousands of years, know that the Torah is based on its great rule: love for one’s neighbor as oneself. But no one wants to listen to them.

After all, unification sounds very beautiful in words, but as soon as people try to implement it, they become convinced that it is simply impossible and that it requires all of a person’s attention and one’s whole life. And people are not ready for this. This requires either a special integral education or very great suffering, which will make people give up their egoism and get closer to one another.

For more on this topic, read my books Like a Bundle of Reeds: why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour, and The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.

From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives” 7/26/20

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New Life 1264 – Coping With The Socio-Economic Crisis

New Life 1264 – Coping With The Socio-Economic Crisis
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The coronavirus pandemic has turned from a health crisis, which united people against it, into an economic crisis in which everyone is afraid for the survival of their own families and sees everyone else as enemies. The virus wants all of humanity to unite against it. It wants Israel to fulfill its destiny, explain the meaning of life to humanity, and lead them into higher connection above the human ego. People need to be taken through the process of development from their current egoistic state into altruistic relations. They will learn to mind the benefit of others rather than minding their own benefit. In this new era, everyone will have their basic needs provided for by the government and, simultaneously, people will participate in integral education that teaches mutual bestowal, love, and connection. Everyone will be happy with what they receive and will receive their hearts’ desire.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1264 – Coping With The Socio-Economic Crisis” 7/13/20

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