“How Long Will It Be Until We Have A Coronavirus Vaccine?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How long will it be until we have a coronavirus vaccine?

First, if we could look at the intentions behind the global race for a coronavirus vaccine, then what would we see?

Would we see a sincere concern of experts and world leaders to improve humanity’s health?

Or would we see a cutthroat pursuit to be the first to birth a major source of new income for their country’s economy, as well as an ability to flaunt their country’s gleaming status and pride as being smarter and more adept than other countries for winning this race?

Since human nature is egoistic, prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others, then it should come as no surprise that the latter inclinations are the primal driving factors behind the pursuit for a coronavirus vaccine.

This race thus becomes a reflection of the same overblown egoistic human relations that stand behind the disease in the first place. So even if we develop a vaccine, we can expect it to fall short of providing us with a lasting remedy. On the contrary, without correction of our egoistic inclinations, we can only expect our problems to worsen.

What does it mean that our egoistic relations are behind this disease?

When we can view the coronavirus pandemic as part of a process unfolding in nature that guides our eventual exit from our egoistic nature—and entrance into a new positively connected reality, balanced with nature—then we can see how the coronavirus emerged primarily as a blow to the very ego that nature pressures us to exit.

Therefore, no matter what sophisticated vaccines we come up with, if we fail to use this pandemic in order to increase our awareness of the greater process we are in, and of what nature ultimately wants from us, then we will inevitably have to experience harsher blows in order to wake us up to the goodness that exists outside of our divisive egos.

The main discovery we thus need to make with this pandemic is not outside us, in the form of a vaccine, but inside us, in the form of upgraded attitudes to each other: from egoistic, indifferent and even hateful, to altruistic, caring and loving.

Moreover, the coronavirus has laid out before our very eyes just how connected we are, showing how a minuscule particle that surfaced in a small Chinese province became humanity’s common problem, placing people around the world into similar restrictive conditions.

In other words, through the coronavirus, nature shows us how connected and interdependent we are, while at the same time, this should illuminate how much we are disconnected and divided in our egoistic attitudes to each other.

The parallel opposite tendency of becoming increasingly interdependent while also becoming more and more egoistic is a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, the sooner we implement a change in our attitudes to each other in order to align ourselves with the connectedness surrounding us, then the sooner we will develop immunity to the coronavirus and to other even stronger diseases, without needing to stick any needles into our veins.

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