A Net Of Connection That Binds All Hearts

manA question I received: Is there a scientific explanation for the phenomenon of the Surrounding Light’s influence on our thoughts and desires?

My Answer: There is a great deal of scientific research showing the effect of society’s thoughts on an individual. And it is not really by hearing these thoughts that a person comes to agree with them, depend on them, and perceive them, but he simply absorbs them “from the air.” However, is there really something “in the air”? Can we grasp something that hovers in the air? No, we just say that we do.

Indeed, there is a spiritual net between us, or within our desires, that binds our hearts together. This net operates on us, and we say that it’s “in the air.”

This phenomenon has various consequences, which people notice and study in the natural sciences and psychology. For instance, it is not uncommon for competing mass media sources to come up with the same articles and titles. Although each of them tries to keep its material confidential, nothing can be hidden, because this is human nature.

We exist in one world, and therefore people often express common thoughts. For example, South Korea and South Carolina may simultaneously publish similar articles on the same subject. This phenomenon occurs because people’s thoughts revolve in the inner net of connections among all people and all the elements of Nature in general.

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