Digital Drugs – A New “Comforting” Methodology

laitman_2009-03_41661In the news (from USA Today):Web delivers new worry for parents: Digital drugs” There are different slang terms for digital drugs. They’re often called “idozers” or “idosers.” All rely on the concept of binaural beats … They’re really ambient sounds designed to affect your brain waves … Different sounds are played in each ear. The sounds combine in your brain to create a new frequency. This frequency corresponds to brain wave frequencies… These frequencies are related to different states like relaxation and alertness… The sites claim binaural beats cause the same effects as illegal drugs… If binaural beats work as promised, they are not safe.

My Comment: The experimentation with drugs and other “comforting” methods, and even thoughts about suicide, will soon be replaced by the realization that none of them will solve people’s main problems: providing an answer to the question, “What am I living for?” The need to find the answer will bring people to Kabbalah, which reveals the level or dimension that we came from, and where we go when we leave.

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